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Transportation Crafts Round Up

Welcome to our Things That Go Round-Up of 25+ Transportation Crafts! Here you will find a list of FREE PRINTABLE CRAFTS & fun craft ideas! Take a look around, and don’t forget to PIN the image above and share so your friends can join in on the fun, too. I will update this list whenever […]


Pretend Play Set: Ice Cream Shoppe

Welcome to the Ice Cream Shoppe! This is a fun and interactive pretend play set that was suggested by Sofia, a reader of LCL! We have made quite a few pretend play sets now, and this one is definitely a favorite. I didn’t get many photos of actual play, but we did have a lot […]


African Tribal Masks

Around the World is a section here on LearnCreateLove that I created with the intent to update frequently, and one country at a time. That hasn’t really worked out for us, so now I’m going to share the bits and pieces from different cultures and countries that we’ve made. Today I’m sharing African Tribal Masks. […]


Luna Moth Printable Craft

Have you ever seen a luna moth in person? I have, and recently! I was on the east coast visiting family last month when I came across one resting on the wooden frame of my parents’ back door. It was just hanging out with a couple of other pretty moths. Lore and I were both […]


Monarch Caterpillar Printable Craft

Good morning! Last week, I posted a Buckeye Butterfly and the Caterpillar that goes with it. This week I’m posting the Monarch Butterfly’s caterpillar. This is such a neat looking caterpillar with stripes of black, white, and yellow. It would be really confusing if everything was outlined, so I just made the caterpillar black and […]


Frozen Word Search Printable

Are your children obsessed with frozen? My six-year-old daughter is! It’s her favorite movie of the moment and she’s constantly listening to the soundtrack. Which of course means my husband and I also know every lyric to every song as well. My favorite is ‘In the Summer’ (Olaf’s Track). What’s yours? We are no stranger […]


Buckeye Caterpillar Craft

Good morning! I am soooo behind on posts here. I literally have 2 months worth of crafts and printables backed up. We visted my family for the whole MONTH of June and we didn’t stop the craftiness. I’ll try to keep the posts coming regularly, so keep an eye out! (You can ‘like’ our Facebook […]


Buckeye Butterfly Printable Craft

Last year, we went on a realistic butterfly kick and made the following crafts: Blue Morpho | Tiger Swallowtail | Monarch | Painted Lady. Since it had been so long since our last, I decided to make a few more templates, this being one of them. Buckeye Butterflies are very beautiful, with large circular spots […]


Squid Printable Craft

We seem to be on a sea animal trend lately! I’ve recently posted a hermit crab, a crab, and a lobster. Lorelai used to be TERRIFIED of squids, but she was all giggles when making this one (she thought it looked funny). You can print the free template below! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use […]


Hermit Crab Printable Craft

Summer is well underway in the U.S. right now, and what better crafts to make than cute little sea critters? Recently, we have also made a crab, a lobster, and a squid. My six-year-old daughter also made this cute hermit crab. You can grab the free printable template below. Enjoy!   Printable Instructions | Terms […]


Painting with Squash

Making art and painting with alternative paintbrushes is always a fun venture. In the past, we have used evergreen leaves, flowers, celery, and even spaghetti – and it was all very well received. Of course, my daughter isn’t one to shy away from getting her hands dirty – in fact, the messier it is, the […]


Lobster Printable Craft

Last week I posted this Printable Crab Craft that Lorelai made at the same time as this lobster. It’s quite a bit of cutting with all of the little legs, but it’s a good project for a rainy day this summer. =) Print below and enjoy!   Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook […]


A-Z Nature Crafts & Activities

My daughter has always enjoyed being outdoors, so it came naturally for her to love doing nature crafts. From fun collages she put together with the bits of leaves and acorns she found on our walks, to printable nature-related crafts… she loves it all! I decided to put together an A-Z list of crafts we […]


Zinnia Printable Craft

I know, a zinnia seems like a pretty random thing to design a craft of, but there is a reason behind it. I was looking for a plant with the letter “Z” and my mom suggested this one. Zinnias are such beautiful flowers with many, many petals. The printable I made is very basic – […]


Printable Crab Craft

I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, so naturally I’ve had LOTS of exposure to blue crabs. Not only are they fun to look at, they are also fun to eat. I designed this printable crab craft for my daughter to make while we visit my family. She ended up using blue and […]


Bird House Printable Craft

Every summer, my daughter and I travel to the east coast to visit my hometown & family. We got here a week ago and it has been nonstop fun since. My mom is a huge fan of birdhouses, so I designed one that my daughter could paint and cut out by herself. This one is […]


Stargazer Lily Printable Craft

Stargazer Lillies are such beautiful flowers! A few weeks ago, I posted a printable Iris and Daffodil, and designed this lily. My daughter had fun trying to make the flower look just like a stargazer… I think she did a great job! You can find all of our other flower crafts in our Flower & […]


Gorilla Printable Craft

Good morning, crafty folks! Today I’m sharing this gorilla craft that my six-year-old painted yesterday. I love how she used her watercolor paints here to blend the blue, purple, and black paints together. She made this cartoon gorilla craft a few years ago, so we were due for a newer, more realistic one. Print below […]


Howler Monkey Printable Craft

How about this Howler Monkey Craft? We have made several monkey crafts in the past — Monkey, Circus Monkey, Paper Plate Monkey, Orangutan Craft — but never a howler monkey. My six-year-old really loved this one. She did notice that he only has 3 legs, and I explained it’s because of the angle of the […]

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