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Paper Roll Bracelets Craft

Homemade jewelry is the BEST, especially when you have a little girl at home. Lorelai absolutely loved making these [toilet] paper roll bracelets! It was messy fun with paint, sequins, and glitter flying in all directions! The first time I saw a similar craft to these was on About, but I have also seen many […]


Printable Farmer Craft

Farm crafts are near and dear to my heart, having grown up surrounded by family farms. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I had yet to design a printable farmer craft for my six-year-old. When I asked her what kind of farmer she wanted to make, she said a vegetable farmer like her […]


Pipe Cleaner Easter Eggs & Bunnies

I seem to scramble before each holiday to get crafts out before it’s too late. This Easter has been no exception! Lorelai has been crafting up a storm lately and these adorable eggs and bunnies are just one craft project of many. And this one was actually not planned at all! We were cleaning out […]


Printable Cross Outline

Here is a simple cross outline that I made for my daughter to decorate for Easter. Obviously, it can be used anytime! =) She just painted hers, but I think I will print another for her to do the melted crayon art technique! Super fun! You can see our other Easter Crafts in the Holiday […]


Printable Whooping Crane Craft

After YEARS of being on my very long list of crafts to make, I finally got around to designing a Whooping Crane craft! This craft would go great with Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle’s Book Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? That was one of Lorelai’s absolute favorite books when she was […]


Book of the Week #5

» Week 5 Featured Book: Giraffes Can’t Dance » Author: Giles Andreae This week’s book is Giraffes Can’t Dance. I discovered this book while browsing on Amazon and the reviews made me snatch it up. It’s a story about a giraffe that wants to dance, but his legs are too long and skinny. With the […]


Printable Umbrella Craft

It’s dark and rainy outside today and I thought it would be the perfect time to share this printable umbrella craft! I’ve been holding onto this one for a few weeks. It’s simple and straight-forward with only two pieces – the umbrella top, and the handle. Glue them together and you will have an umbrella! […]


Printable Mail Carrier Craft

Today I’m sharing this Mail Carrier craft that we made last week. Mail carriers are essential service workers in our community so I thought it would be the perfect craft to do next. The printable has an optional pony tail that you can add on to make your mail carrier female! I figured that would […]


Printable Mermaid Craft II

My daughter has been crafting since before she was 2 years-old, and it has been so amazing to see her creativity come out with each craft. Lately she has been focusing on brush strokes. I was really impressed to come back to find that she had added lines to her mermaid’s hair (to make it […]


Printable Blue Whale Craft

Whales are very impressive creatures, but I can’t think of a more impressive one than the blue whale. It’s the largest animal ever known to have existed on earth. That in and of itself is pretty awesome! In the past, we have made a cartoon whale, a humpback whale, a beluga whale, and an orca. […]


Printable Blue Macaw Craft

Have you seen the movie Rio? It’s a favorite around here, among many others. Lorelai and I were so excited to hear about the sequel coming out this week! I decided to design a blue (hyacinth) macaw craft for Lorelai to make and she was soooo glad I did! It’s not exactly like Blu from […]


Printable Craft: Koalas

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Horse Craft that had both the mom and foal. It was such a hit with my daughter that I decided to make another mommy/baby combo craft ~ a koala and her joey! We made this koala craft a while back but I wanted to do something more […]


Printable Skunk Craft

Growing up on a farm had many perks, including getting to see a lot of nature and wildlife. Skunks were pretty common around where I grew up as a child. I remember seeing a skunk once with eight babies trotting along behind her. They were ADORABLE and had tails that seemed to be twice the […]


Printable Easter Basket Craft

Good morning! Today I’m posting this new printable Easter basket craft. The holiday is only a couple of weeks away now, and Lorelai enjoyed this one. It’s very simple, as it’s all one shape. Just paint and cut it out! The inside was a little tricky, so I ended up doing it for her. You […]

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