{ Printable Loch Ness Monster Craft }

Printable Loch Ness Monster Craft

I know, this craft seems completely random. Lorelai added it to our “to-do” craft list a while back, which now has over 50 things. I made the printable a few weeks ago and we just got to it this afternoon. Lorelai is sick with an upper respiratory infection right now and had to miss a bunch of fun activities, including gymnastics, school, and a few playdates. She was feeling pretty down about it, so I printed out a bunch of crafts and we sat at the kitchen table and painted/cut/glued for about an hour this afternoon. Getting crafty always perks her up. =) She enjoyed painting “Nessie”, and she even cut it out by herself! She’s getting so good with scissors! Print below and enjoy. =)

*Note: The monster is pretty big. We taped two pieces of cardstock together, painted it, and glued the monster down to that. One sheet wasn’t big enough.

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