{ Printable Ballerina Fairy Craft }

Printable Ballerina Craft

Somebody please tell me how it’s Sunday already?! This weekend has flown by! On Friday, Lorelai and some of her friends from the playgroup got together at a local park and had a play dough playdate. We all had a great time, and the kids had a BLAST making play dough popsicles, cookies, and more. Afterward, Lore and I went out for lunch and ran some errands. She painted this cute Ballerina Fairy craft in the afternoon after her quiet time. I was planning on just making it a ballerina printable, but she insisted on wings. =) I finally got around to photographing it this morning with the other crafts we did (which will be posted in a bit). Print below and enjoy!

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  1. Barbara Bridge says

    Just love your site, my 3 year old grandaught had great fun doing the scarecrow and then presenting it to the ladies in a dementia unit who loved it.
    A few of your links go to the wrong animals, (not picking just thought you might like to know).
    Thankyou for the great site, so happy to find it.


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