{ The Deathly Hallows }

Máyo took me to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight in the theater. We dropped Lore off at her Grandma’s house and we high-tailed it to the theater. It was practically empty! Of course, we went to the huge theater that has a showing pretty much every 45 minutes – hour, so I’m sure that helped. The only downside: a baby. Right behind us. Seriously, I wish people were considerate enough (a) not to bring young children/babies to a movie, or if they do (b) sit closer to the exit so when they start crying, they can make a quick exit. Nothing ruins a movie like talking, crying, and cell phones – especially during the good parts! (Then again, I was probably overly sensitive tonight because it’s Harry-frickin-Potter and I was getting distracted by the baby.)

Anyway, aside from that, we had an excellent time. Even M enjoyed it though he hasn’t read the last book (he read through The Half-Blood Prince). I wish they would have spent more time on the fleeing/fight scent in the beginning and less time on the “camping” parts. It was awesome, though – they followed the book really well and the acting was incredible.

Oh, and animated part when Hermione was telling the story of the Hallows – brilliant.

When can we go again?! =)

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