{ Pumpkin Cupcakes }


Box of spice cake & a can of Pumpkin Puree. That’s it, seriously.

Mix together in a large bowl with a wooden spoon.

Once ingredients are semi-mixed, mix with electric mixture until batter is smooth.

Cook at 350  for 18-20 minutes!

These smell and look soooooo good! I was out of paper cups, so I just oiled the cupcake pan and put them in like that. Mine look messy, but I’m not worried about that.

Top with powdered sugar or cream cheese frosting. I decorated these with cream cheese (piped it on) and springled with orange sugar.

Instead of spending $3 on orange sugar in the baking aisle, I just did a few drops of red & yellow food coloring in the sugar and mixed it up. If the sugar clumps, rub it against the side of the bowl with the back of the spoon. (Or put it in a food processor – but that’s too much work in my opinion!) Mine turned out a little “hunter hat” orange, so I added some cinnamon. Looks so fall-y and good!

Lore sucking down the batter. I dumped her in the bathtub right after this. =)

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  1. Yummy Yummy! You mix according to what directions, cake and pumpkin then combine? Neat idea! I might give it a try! 🙂

  2. Mom, just the mix and pumpkin. Do not add any of the ingredients on the box… just the cake mix (the powder) and the contents of the can. It doesn’t look like cupcake mix at first, but keep mixing it – it gets wetter. 🙂

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