Printable Minke Whale Craft


Good morning crafters! It has been a bit quiet around here after a few weeks of non-stop new crafts. I decided to take a break for a couple of weeks to get some of my other projects done. Anyway, today I’m posting about this Minke Whale Craft. A big thanks to Helen for suggesting it. […]

Printable Blue Whale Craft


Whales are very impressive creatures, but I can’t think of a more impressive one than the blue whale. It’s the largest animal ever known to have existed on earth. That in and of itself is pretty awesome! In the past, we have made a cartoon whale, a humpback whale, a beluga whale, and an orca. […]

Printable Humpback Whale Craft


I designed this humpback whale craft for my animal-obsessed daughter. The whale itself is cut in half on the printable – you must glue the front and back parts together. I had to position it that way so that the whale wouldn’t too small. =) Print below and enjoy! Facts About Humpback Whales Humpback whales […]

Printable Beluga Whale Craft


Beluga whales are such beautiful creatures with their silky white skin and rounded heads. Lorelai has always been a fan, and was very excited to see this craft waiting for her. She ended up painting it a very light gray. I posed it in the snow after we were finished. =) Print below and enjoy! […]

Killer Whale Craft


To start off Ocean Week, I made this killer whale craft for Lorelai. She loved it! She insisted that it needed to be purple, not black, which is usually what happens when it comes to her crafts. =) Print below, and enjoy! Open Killer Whale Printable Facts about Killer Whales Killer whales, also known as […]

Whale Craft with Printable

Whale Craft

Today’s craft was this adorable little whale. I worked hard this weekend/last night to come up with a bunch of new printables for the week ahead. We have a pretty busy schedule with play dates and a short road trip planned, that I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit down during the week to […]

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