Transportation Crafts Round Up


Welcome to our Things That Go Round-Up of 25+ Transportation Crafts! Here you will find a list of FREE PRINTABLE CRAFTS & fun craft ideas! Take a look around, and don’t forget to PIN the image above and share so your friends can join in on the fun, too. I will update this list whenever […]

Printable Race Car Craft


Looking for a simple race car craft for your child? I’ve got one for you. We have been way overdue for some racing crafts! I will definitely be posting more soon. This one Lorelai, my six year-old, crafted all by herself. Just paint, cut out, and then paste together. You can find the template below. […]

Printable Monster Truck Craft


While we have made a dump truck craft and a police car craft, and many other transportation crafts, we have never made a monster truck craft… that is, until this past weekend! A huge thanks goes out to Jen for suggestion this fun craft! The printable itself was a little tricky to make, as monster […]

Printable Tugboat Craft

Tugboat Craft

Transportation crafts are always a huge hit here in our home. They are a nice change of pace from all of the animal crafts we make regularly. Lorelai was particularly excited about this tugboat, as she has been asking for one for a while. She decided to make her tugboat green and orange and cut/glued […]

Garbage Truck Printable Craft


My daughter actually really enjoys painting vehicles/transportation crafts, and this one was actually requested by her! We were walking to the bus stop the other morning when a garbage truck pulled up by a nearby dumpster and started to load it into the back. Like any kid, she was excited by the show and said […]

Printable Hot Air Balloon Craft


This was another craft suggested recently – and what a great idea it was! Lorelai painted her hot air balloon blue with pink and yellow flowers. She used her new “shiny” (metallic) paint that we bought recently. After she finished painting and cutting, I cut small strips of string to use as the string that […]

Printable Ambulance Craft

Printable Ambulance

Warning: Upon printing this craft, your child will likely make ambulance noises the entire time they paint it, cut it out, and glue it back togehter. And when it’s dry, they will race around your home continuing to make said noises. You have been warned. Now go print! And if you can’t print, PIN IT […]

Printable Back Hoe Tractor Craft

Painted & Dry, just waiting to be cut out

Lore was happy to paint another colorful construction vehicle. She did a dump truck and a cement truck a couple of weeks ago. We actually saw a back hoe the other day while some road work was going on nearby. Print below and enjoy! Open Back Hoe Tractor Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use […]

Printable Cement Truck Craft


Out of our stack of ready-to-go printable crafts, Lorelai chose this cement mixer truck this afternoon. She loves pointing out all of the different trucks and construction vehicles while we’re on the road. It didn’t surprise me in the least when she requested this one. Print below and enjoy! Open Cement Truck Printable Printable Instructions […]

Printable Dump Truck Craft

Printable Dump Truck

I have had a variety of construction vehicles on my “to make” craft list for a while now. A big thanks to Lisa for suggesting this in via the suggestion form! I bumped the crafts to the front of my list since I have been wanting to make them anyway. Lorelai loved it! She made […]

Printable Helicopter Craft


This craft has been on our list for ages, so Lore was very happy to see it come together today. I asked her if she wanted to paint it a bunch of different colors, but she just wanted it black. If it works for her, it works for me! Print below and enjoy! Open Helicopter […]

Printable School Bus Craft

School Bus Printable Craft

School is right around the corner for us! Well, part-time pre-K, anyway. Although Lore won’t be riding a school bus, she is still very excited about her first adventure at school. Print below and enjoy! Open School Bus Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Printable Firetruck Craft

Printable Firetruck Craft

To go along with her Firefighter Craft from the other day, I made a firetruck printable for Lore to craft. We were supposed to do this one yesterday, but we were out for four hours running errands yesterday. Her birthday party is scheduled and paid for, she’s signed up for gymnastics, then we went shopping […]

Printable Airplane Craft

Printable Airplane Craft

Lorelai spent much of the weekend playing with the paper airplanes that she and her daddy made together. It was fun seeing them crouched over the laptop as they learned how to fold the paper into these really cool, aerodynamic shapes. They had to have made at least 10 different planes and spent a lot […]

Printable Tractor Craft – Version II


Here I am, getting behind again. Not too surprising though, considering we’re on ‘vacation’, right? Last week Lorelai crafted a printable tractor for her tractor-obsessed cousin. His birthday party was on Saturday and he loved it! I completely forgot to get an “after” pic, but it’s supposed to look like the one above. Sorta. I […]

{ Transportation Week Recap }

Transportation Week

Transportation week was a fun one. Unfortunately, it was another that we weren’t able to finish completely. We’ll definitely revisit this one though since Lorelai had a lot of fun with it. Activities & Crafts: Tire Tracks Activity Basic Math ~ Train-Themed *printable* Railroad Crossing Printable *printable* Train Craft *printables* Stoplight & Stop Sign Crafts […]

{ Tire Tracks Activity }

Tire tracks fun

Lorelai had a fun playdate this afternoon at one of our favorite indoor play-places. I’m hoping she got some of that energy out, but considering it’s 7 and she’s still going strong, I guess not. After dinner she asked to do her truck craft. I ran this activity by her a few days ago and […]

Railroad Sign Printable


I made a printable railroad crossing sign to go along with Lorelai’s train craft, though it’s not proportionate. I’m in a rush so I’m not going to ramble on. Print link is below! Open Railroad Sign Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Printable Train Craft

Lorelai's Train

It’s Friiiiday! When I should be wrapping up Transportation Week, we are actually only about a quarter of the way through it. Since I wasn’t planning on doing a specific theme next week, we’ll probably just finish it up then. I mentioned yesterday that Lorelai was peeping over my shoulder as I made this craft. […]

Stop Sign & Stoplight Crafts

Painted Stop Sign Craft

Now that I have a few minutes to actually blog, here are the other two crafts we did yesterday morning. The first is a stop sign. Lorelai used the same white crayon/watercolor method that she did in this craft. You just have to make sure the crayon is colored on thick enough so the watercolor […]

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