Flower Sun-Catcher with Printable


Good morning, and welcome to another printable craft post here on LearnCreateLove! Today I’m posting another sun-catcher craft. You might have seen our latest — an adorable Butterfly Sun-Catcher that I posted a couple weeks ago. I have to be honest about this flower sun-catcher… it’s a total pain in the butt to make! There […]

Butterfly Sun-Catcher with Printable


Sun-catchers are one of our favorite types of crafts to make. They are fun to make and always turn out really cute. See: Turtle | Heart | Earth… You only need a few materials — the printed template, scissors, contact paper, and tissue paper cut into small squares. Open & Print: Butterfly Sun-Catcher Craft Directions: […]

Valentine’s Heart Sun-Catcher Craft


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have been enjoying all of the heart crafts. =) This is not our first heart sun-catcher craft. You can see our previous ones here and here. I prefer this type, though, with the shape outlined and colored and the inside a tissue collage. You can find […]

{ Earth Sun-Catcher Craft }


Last week, we did this cute flower sun-catcher with contact paper. Lore really enjoyed doing the craft with contact paper; it’s sticky and way less messy than wax paper and glue. It made doing the craft a breeze! I think the hardest part was getting the backing off of the contact paper… talk about frustrating! […]

{ Flower Sun-Catcher Craft }


Sun-catchers are such a fun and easy way to implement craft time in your child’s life. If you haven’t made one with your child yet, I highly recommend it! * Please ignore the dirty windows. I’m too busy doing crafts to scrub windows. Just kidding – that window is right up against a parking lot, […]

Printable Heart Sun-Catcher


Sun-catchers are fun and very simple to make… we make it a point to do one for each holiday. We did this one last year for Valentines Day, but I had just free-handed it. This printable version is MUCH easier! I also cut hearts out of the tissue paper instead of squares. Lorelai LOVED it! […]

Christmas Tree Sun-Catcher Craft

Christmas Tree Sun-Catcher

Sun-catchers are one of my favorite crafts to do with Lorelai. They can be of anything and are really simple to make. We did a Christmas tree one this afternoon and it turned out really cute. You can see step-by-step pictures on the fall leaf one HERE. I didn’t feel like taking a bunch of […]

Turkey Suncatcher Craft with Printable

First, cut out the inside of the feathers - they are a light gray. Cut out your piece of wax paper and glue down.

Lorelai was ready to craft today after taking a few days off. I thought up this craft while driving her to school the other day, and I just *knew* it would turn out cute… and it did! Suncatchers are such a fun, hands-on craft that I try to find an occasion to make one quite […]

Fall Leaf Suncatcher

Fun Fall Suncatcher Craft

Suncatchers are such a fun and easy, hands-on project. Lorelai always enjoys doing them. So, when I replenished our tissue paper collection from the pieces found in her birthday gift bags, I knew just what we had to make first. A fall leaf suncatcher! The template itself is old. We did this fun craft project […]

4-Leaf Clover Suncatcher

I just glued around the outside of the clover window and put the wax paper on top.

I’ve been wanting to make this one for weeks! Lorelai was sooo excited when she found out we were making another suncatcher for the window. =) Open Clover Sun-Catcher Printable What We Used: 2 Pieces of Cardstock (to print on) Pairing Knife Scissors Wax Paper Green Tissue Paper Green Crayons/Paint (optional) Glue Glue-Down Layers: 1 […]

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