Melted Crayon Rainbow Art


Hello crafters! Today I’m sharing an art technique that you have likely seen before – melted wax art! In fact, last year I posted a Printable Rainbow that we decorated with melted wax. During that project, we held the crayons over a candle and then smooshed the hot tip onto the paper. This way is […]

Pot of Gold & Rainbow Craft


I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now, but everytime I sat down at the computer, something came up and I forgot to post. So FINALLY, here is the pot of gold & rainbow craft that Lorelai crafted last weekend. St. Patrick’s Day is only a few days away now… so get […]

Macaroni Rainbow Craft with Printable

macaronirainbow-027 - Copy

Last year we did this melted art rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day. This year, I wanted to switch it up a bit. Instead of using melted crayon, Lorelai glued down macaroni and then painted it. It turned out great! The use of macaroni gave it an element of texture and made doing the craft all […]

Printable Rainbow Craft

Lorelai dipping the tip of the crayon in the low flame and pressing the crayon onto the rainbow paper.

    There are many ways to decorate this printable, but I wanted to try out a technique I saw (via Pinterest) on Helping Little Hands. This is one of those things that require common sense – is your child mature enough to do this with vigilant supervision? I had no doubt that Lore could […]

Cloud & Rainbow Craft

Cotton Balls

This was another fun craft that I’d had planned for earlier in the week, but life got in the way. So, we did it this morning to finish off our weather week. We talked about rainbows before and how they are the product of lighting reflecting off of water droplets. My rainbow-loving girl didn’t really […]

{ Hanging Rainbow Pasta }

Happy. =)

This was essentially the craft I wanted to do with the dyed pasta. Unfortunately, aside from the green, none of the colors were very vibrant. Lorelai ended up painting all of them (except the green). While we were stringing the pasta, we talked about rainbows and how they are made. What We Used: Rotini Pasta […]

Scratch-N-Sniff Watercolor Paint

Watercolor Rainbow with Koolaid Watercolors

Today is all about the sense of SMELL! Lorelai did 3 fun craft activities this morning, and this is one of them. I saw an article on E-How about making watercolors with Koolaid packets. I thought it was pretty much genius and when M (my husband) went out last night to run some errands, I […]

{ Rainbow Painting }

Tackling it color by color.

Lorelai has been asking to do a craft for a few days now. I had an Easter craft printed out and ready to go, but she insisted on doing a rainbow. So I pulled out the water colors and she painted.

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