New Year’s Craft: Printable 2013 Flags

My happy little crafter

Here is a fun New Year’s craft that we did this morning. I know, a bit late, but the good thing about this is that it can be done any time in the new year! Lorelai painted hers so colorful and vibrant. We will probably tape them to our learning board and leave them up […]

Our Glittery “Snow” Play Dough

Glittery "Snow" Play Dough

There are many fun and adorable versions of homemade sensory snow out there. I’ve been wanting to try many versions, but haven’t been able to get around to it. Lorelai picked up a icky stomach bug earlier this week and had to miss her Christmas party today. Poor girl – she has missed the Thanksgiving […]

Handprint Snowflake Craft

Handprint Snowflake

I saw this adorable handprint snowflake project on what to do with children and knew immediately we would have to do it! Lorelai has been battling a tummy bug for the past couple of days and is finally starting to feel better. She asked to get crafty tonight and this was the first thing I […]

{ Homemade Salt Glitter }

Making a beautiful picture

The term “glitter” is used lightly here, since it’s NOT traditional glitter. It’s great in a pinch and is just as fun (read: MESSY) as regular glitter. Another upside is that clean-up is a cinch… this glitter doesn’t stick! Lorelai enjoyed making a fun picture this morning with her salt glitter. Materials: Salt Food Coloring […]

{ Popsicle Stick Snowflake & Stamps }


We started this craft last night and ended up having to do it twice because I wasn’t thinking and added the glitter before the popsicle sticks were completely glued down and dry. I ended up shaking them all off when I went to dump the excess glitter – doh! So, we started over and Lorelai […]

{ Star Spangled Headband }

Headband & Stars!

We did another 4th of July craft today, this time a cute star-spangled headband. We’ve done several headband crafts in the past and they have always been a huge hit. In fact, Lorelai was running around the other day, wearing her reindeer headband from last Christmas. This will probably be the last of our 4th […]

{ Handprint Fireworks }

Firework Hands!

This is an extremely easy 4th of July craft for kids of all ages! Keeping with the patriotic theme, I prepared today’s craft with Lorelai in mind (like always). She loves fireworks and has been talking nonstop about seeing them this year. Fireworks as a craft? Yeah, kinda tricky, but I incorporated into her handprint […]

{ Paper Plate Angel }

Working on the craft. She did the face all by herself, but I had to touch it up after because she just looked depressed - LOL.

Lorelai was practically squeaking with suppressed joy when she saw me get out the glitter from one of our craft boxes this morning. She ran around and around in circles, clutching it to her chest with a giant smile on her face. I wish I had got that on camera; it was pretty hilarious! Here […]

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