Printable Pretend Play Coffee Shop

coffeeshop (1)

I am so excited to share this Pretend Play: Coffeeshop with you all today! Our other pretend play sets have been a hit here. This one was no exception! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get photos of Lorelai playing with this one, but she loved it! We used her tea party set and playdough to […]

Printable MLP Craft: Spike

spike craft

Good morning, crafters! Today I’m posting this Printable Spike craft! My Little Pony is still my six-year-old’s favorite show. She, and many of you readers, have been requesting Spike for a while… well here he is! I went back with a marker and drew in his smile and his arm. Lorelai accidentally chopped all of […]

Printable Yoda Craft

yoda craft

Yoda has been a much-requested craft here on LearnCreateLove! I finally found the time and inspiration to design him last week. Lorelai painted and made the yoda craft this past weekend and he turned out so cute! The printable itself is very simple. The body is one part, the head another, and then the light […]

Printable Horse & Foal Crafts


Farm animals make the best rainy-day crafts. We really enjoyed doing this mommy & baby set last weekend when it was dreary out. Lorelai decided to paint the foal white with yellow hair, and the mother brown with black hair. You can see our older horse crafts here: Printable Cartoon Horse & Printable Horse Head […]

Printable Tugboat Craft

Tugboat Craft

Transportation crafts are always a huge hit here in our home. They are a nice change of pace from all of the animal crafts we make regularly. Lorelai was particularly excited about this tugboat, as she has been asking for one for a while. She decided to make her tugboat green and orange and cut/glued […]

Printable Cow Craft


Good morning, crafty readers! Today I’m posting a new version of a craft we did a while back, a cow! The old cow craft that we made years ago is very cartoon-y (but super cute!). We also made a paper plate cow. Anyway, Lorelai and I both agreed that it was time to make a […]

Printable Robot Craft


This is not the first robot craft I have posted, and it’s definitely not the last! We made this adorable Robot Craft a while back, as well as these Mini Puppets (one is a robot). When Lorelai saw the template for this craft, she got so excited and immediately declared that her robot was going […]

10 Books with Crafts


Over the years, we have done many, many crafts. A handful of what we have done were inspired by books! Books are my little one’s absolute favorite thing. At 6, she loves her chapter books, but we still go back to the classic picture books she loved so much when she was younger. Here is […]

Printable Llama Craft


Growing up in the country was always an adventure. One of those adventures was sneaking to the neighborhood up the road that housed a small llama farm. To our little country-bumpkin eyes, those animals were totally exotic and neat with their long, long necks, and straight-forward stares. My uncle used to tell us stories about […]

Printable Yellow Tang Fish Craft


Good morning crafters! Here is another adorable fish craft that Lorelai made last week. This one is super simple since it’s all yellow! =) It’s a cousin of the craft we made a while ago, the blue tang. Print below and enjoy! Facts About Yellow Tangs: read them here Printable Instructions | Terms of Use […]

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