500 Books by 5 Years-Old – Printable Reading Log & Incentives

500 Books by 5 years-old… do you think you and your child could do it? If you read a book a day you’ll be well on your way. Add in story-time and it will be a breeze. I decided to start this challenge with my 2 (almost 3) year-old, Maddie. She has always loved reading books with me, and we are at the library several times a week. It made sense to start tracking her books. Our state (MD) has this fun challenge for young readers and we jumped on board the second we heard about it.

I’m sharing some fun PDF printables for you to print to help track their progress.
— A reading incentive chart. Color in the stars as you get to each milestone. (Or use stickers!) Once they reach 500, give them a fun prize or activity. (We will be going to Chuck E. Cheese!)
— Picture progress props. “I READ 100-200-300-and so on BOOKS!” so you an share their progress online. (Be sure to tag LearnCreateLove!!)
— Reading Log. A super simple reading log. Fill out the title/author/date, or however you wish to do it.
I suggest keeping everything together in a folder or binder in your designated reading spot, so that it’ll be easier to write down which books you read afterward.

There are none! Read to your child or have them read — it all counts! I personally don’t count re-reads.

Just be sure to make it fun and age-appropriate. Maddie still isn’t to the point where she can sit through books that have lonnnng paragraphs. So when we go to the library to get new books, I peek into them to make sure they have shorter passages.

Ready to read?! Open & Print: Reading Incentive & Photo Props & Reading Log

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