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Good morning! I’m so exited about what I’m sharing today: our Zoo Pretend Play Set! We have had so much fun with our other sets in the past that I had to make another. This set is for any little zoo lover that wishes to be a zookeeper (or zoo vet!) one day… or for those who just want to have some fun for a bit. =)


Included in this set are the following: Large Zoo Sign, Zookeeper Tasks & Checklists, Zoo Clinic, Fact Cards, and blank Fact Cards.


Large Zoo Sign – hang this up wherever you set up your “zoo”. This will show your visitors the way.

ZooKeeper Sheet – This one includes a zookeeper’s tasks and checklists, from checking on the animals and feeding them, to cleaning and ensuring their enclosures are safe. There is a “Public Education” section — this is where you can scedule the “talks” and tours. ((See Fact Cards)) There is also a small section where you can take note of any animals that will need to see the veterinarian.

Zoo Clinic – This is a dedicated sheet for the zoo veterinarian. Here you will decide if the animal is sick, injured, or just in for a routine check-up. Draw a picture of the animal and follow-up in one of the bottom boxes once the animal is finished with his or her visit.

Fact Cards/Blank Fact Cards – I also included some fact cards that can be used in the “Public Education” part of the zookeeper’s tour. Read aloud the facts of different animals to your guests – they will love it! There is also a blank sheet you can fill out for other animals!

Use stuffed animals or printed Animal Crafts to make your zoo. Anything goes! =)

Open & Print: Zoo Pretend Play Set

Print above. I recommend laminating each sheet and using a dry-erase marker, that what you can play more than once. Don’t forget to check out our other Pretend Play Crafts! Enjoy!

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