{ Space Week Recap! }


So our first themed week of the year (I know, I’ve seriously slacked) is done. There were a bunch of other activities we could have done, but I’ll save them for when this theme comes around again. I’m going to do a Recap every friday so that all of our themed crafts and activities will […]

{ Homemade Moon Sand }

The making of the moon sand.

This fun activity was on my to-do list since Monday. I knew I wanted to end the week on a fun note, so in addition to the Spaceship & Aliens craft, Lorelai and I made up some moon sand! I’ll be honest… I’ve never actually played with any of the actual brand Moon Sand, so […]

Spaceship & Aliens ~ Printable Craft

Spaceship & Aliens, eek!

At the start of this week, when I told Lorelai we’d be doing a space theme, one of the first things that came out of her mouth was, “Like spaceships and aliens, right?” I thought it would be fun to end the week on a silly note, so I saved the spaceship and aliens craft […]

Printable Moon Phase Craft/Activity

Printable Moon Phase Craft

I hesitated in making this printable because I wasn’t sure if Lorelai is too young to really understand moon phases. She did really well! I think she was having a hard time understanding WHY we were painting the moon. I pulled up a Moon Phase App on my Kindle and tried to explain with those […]

{ Moon Activity }

Asteroid Activity

Lorelai learned about the moon’s surface today – more specifically, the craters and where they come from. We did an activity to help her understand how the moon got its craters. I balled up pieces of construction paper (different sizes) and strung up a paper plate. She then threw the “asteroids” and “meteors” at them […]

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