Paper Chain Snake Craft

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I just love when friends inbox me with pictures of crafts and activities with the tagline, “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!” A huge thanks to Jamie for showing me the craft her son did in preschool a couple weeks ago. Paper chain snakes are so easy and turn out really cute. Lorelai stated from the […]

Printable King Snake Craft


Good morning! Here’s a random Saturday craft for you: the Common King Snake. In case you’re wondering the why of it, it’s because Lorelai saw one in her animal encyclopedia and requested it. We have done a few snake crafts in the past – printable snake & stocking snake. It was time we did an […]

Printable Komodo Dragon Craft

Printable Komodo Dragon Craft

Open Orangutan Printable Komodo Dragons are pretty awesome creatures. We saw a documentary on them one night a few weeks ago. Then we saw one at the zoo when we visited. Lorelai was happy to add the komodo dragon to our craft list after seeing & hearing about them for a while. She painted, cut […]

Printable Snake Craft

Printable Snake Craft

We had a little bit of free time last night before bedtime, and Lorelai chose to do her snake craft. She chose to paint him green with black spots, and thought it was “marvelous”, her newly discovered word. =) We cut it out and assembled it this morning before school. Print below and enjoy! Open […]

Printable Alligator Craft

Printable Alligator Craft

Yes, we’ve been busily crafting this afternoon! After a fun playdate this morning with a bunch of awesome mamas, Lorelai and I ran some errands, ate lunch, then started doing crafts. She did the house and shapes today as well! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! That’s what I heard the entire time Lorelai was painting this alligator. […]

Chameleon Printable Craft

Chameleon Craft

This little guy turned out so cute! This was another request of Lore’s from her animal encyclopedia. She saw the picture and immediately wanted to do ‘one of those lizard things that Rapunzel has… =) She painted it while I cleaned today, hence no process pictures. Print below! Open Chameleon Printable Printable Instructions | Terms […]

{ Snake Craft for Kids }

Only a couple of materials!

I remember the day my oldest brother came home from camp with a snake just like this. I was so envious because it was seriously the coolest thing ever. When I chose the Rainforest Theme for this week, I knew immediately that we’d have to do a snake craft. It was a HUGE hit! Lorelai […]

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