Printable Chore Chart


Chores are good way to teach your child responsibility and get them active in helping around the house. We are big on chores here; our 7 year-old has a few that she does every day after homework and before dinner. Some of her chores include: wiping down tables, windexing patio doors, windexing kitchen appliance fronts, […]

Printable Chore Chart


Establishing a chore routine is a good way to teach your child about responsibility. As a part of our family, we expect our six-year-old to contribute to the family workload by keeping her room clean, bed made, and clothes picked up. For the most part, she is pretty good about staying on top of her […]

Printable Chore Tabs


I made these quick pick-a-chore tabs a while back – like months ago. I just unearthed them from a buried folder on my computer and decided they should be posted. I don’t have any pictures of these guys in action, but they are pretty handy for those who have kids (like mine) who hate doing […]

Basic Chore Chart

A couple days ago, I made a┬áprintable behavior chart and then shared it here. Using the same template, I converted it into a chore chart! We definitely needed one for Lorelai. She’s been pretty good about picking up after herself, but I think having a dedicated sticker chart for her chores will help even more. […]

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