{ Printable Coin Sort Activity }

Coin Sort Activity

I made this coin sheet to help Lorelai learn her coins. It’s something that I’ve had on my preschool to-do list for a long time, but have never really gotten around to. Unfortunately, the coin pictures are just for the coin designs; they are not to scale. I think she will still have a fun […]

{ Color-By-Shapes Printable }

Color by Shapes Worksheet

{ Download & Print this Worksheet } So Color-By-Number worksheets have been a huge hit over here for years. Lorelai has been able to do them by herself without help for a while now, so I decided to switch it up some and do a Color-By-Shapes worksheet. Can’t wait to print this one out – […]

{ Letter Match Preschool Printable }

Letter Match Printable

{ Download & Print this Preschool Worksheet } I made this printable for Lorelai ~ she loves playing the “letter game” in the car. It’s really simple and a great way to test her about letter sounds. I will ask, “What letter does ___ start with?” Never gets old!

{ Color By Numbers: Ballerinas }


{ Download / Print This Sheet Here } I made another Color By Numbers sheet today. I’ve been seriously slacking on the preschool program front but I’m not overly enthused to start it back up again until after the new year. Lorelai’s getting a bunch of “learning” stuff for Christmas (see, not all toys.) and […]

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