Printable Blue Macaw Craft


Have you seen the movie Rio? It’s a favorite around here, among many others. Lorelai and I were so excited to hear about the sequel coming out this week! I decided to design a blue (hyacinth) macaw craft for Lorelai to make and she was soooo glad I did! It’s not exactly like Blu from […]

Printable Skunk Craft


Growing up on a farm had many perks, including getting to see a lot of nature and wildlife. Skunks were pretty common around where I grew up as a child. I remember seeing a skunk once with eight babies trotting along behind her. They were ADORABLE and had tails that seemed to be twice the […]

Printable Easter Basket Craft


Good morning! Today I’m posting this new printable Easter basket craft. The holiday is only a couple of weeks away now, and Lorelai enjoyed this one. It’s very simple, as it’s all one shape. Just paint and cut it out! The inside was a little tricky, so I ended up doing it for her. You […]

Printable Baby Chick Craft


I have this really sweet memory from my childhood where my cousin and I were holding and playing with fuzzy baby chicks. I think back on that time every spring when the chicks and easter bunny decorations are put up in the stores. This year has been no exception! Having been inspired by my memories, […]

Printable Monster Truck Craft


While we have made a dump truck craft and a police car craft, and many other transportation crafts, we have never made a monster truck craft… that is, until this past weekend! A huge thanks goes out to Jen for suggestion this fun craft! The printable itself was a little tricky to make, as monster […]

Printable Bird’s Nest Crafts


Spring is in the air – for some of us! Luckily the warmer temperatures have reached Texas and we have been enjoying the gorgeous weather. My parents on the east coast (USA) got to see more snow yesterday. My condolences to those who are having an extra-long winter! Today I’m posting about these springy crafts […]

Printable Bunny Craft


It’s time for some spring and Easter crafts here on LearnCreateLove! Today I’m sharing this printable bunny craft. It’s much simpler than our old bunny craft, which had a TON of layering. Lorelai did this one all by herself. Print below and happy crafting! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page | Pinterest

Printable Construction Worker Craft


Good morning! Today I’m posting this printable construction worker craft. We have always enjoyed people crafts — police officer, firefighter, nurse , and more. A big thanks to Ashley for suggesting this one. Lorelai loved how this one looks just like her Daddy (he essentially remodels elevators) – with the exception of the vest. You […]

Printable Frozen Crafts


As with many families these days, we are all totally obsessed with Disney’s movie, Frozen. We bought the pre-DVD edition of the movie on my husband’s Xbox console and it has been playing on repeat. The storyline and soundtrack are both fantastic! Since we all love the movie so, it only made sense to make […]

Printable Dog Craft: Boston Terrier


Ever since we adopted our dachshund puppy, Slinky, my six-year-old has become obsessed with anything dog related. She was very happy to craft this cute boston terrier craft! In fact, when we went to the dog park last weekend and saw a couple of these dogs running around, she shouted, “Look Mommy! It’s the doggy […]

Printable Lungs Craft


Good morning, crafters! Today I’m sharing the second organ set I designed here on LearnCreateLove! I posted the Printable Human Heart craft a few weeks ago. These organs are a great deviation from the animals and characters I have been making lately… and they are very interesting to Lorelai! The printable itself is very simple, […]

Melted Crayon Shamrock Art


Last week, I posted about this super fun melted crayon art technique (we did rainbows). Around the same time, we decorated these shamrocks! Since St. Paddy’s day is right around the corner, it was the perfect little activity. The directions are simple — heat up your candle warmer. While it’s heating up, cut out your […]

Printable Pretend Play Coffee Shop

coffeeshop (1)

I am so excited to share this Pretend Play: Coffeeshop with you all today! Our other pretend play sets have been a hit here. This one was no exception! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get photos of Lorelai playing with this one, but she loved it! We used her tea party set and playdough to […]

Printable MLP Craft: Spike

spike craft

Good morning, crafters! Today I’m posting this Printable Spike craft! My Little Pony is still my six-year-old’s favorite show. She, and many of you readers, have been requesting Spike for a while… well here he is! I went back with a marker and drew in his smile and his arm. Lorelai accidentally chopped all of […]

Printable Yoda Craft

yoda craft

Yoda has been a much-requested craft here on LearnCreateLove! I finally found the time and inspiration to design him last week. Lorelai painted and made the yoda craft this past weekend and he turned out so cute! The printable itself is very simple. The body is one part, the head another, and then the light […]

Printable Horse & Foal Crafts


Farm animals make the best rainy-day crafts. We really enjoyed doing this mommy & baby set last weekend when it was dreary out. Lorelai decided to paint the foal white with yellow hair, and the mother brown with black hair. You can see our older horse crafts here: Printable Cartoon Horse & Printable Horse Head […]

Printable Tugboat Craft

Tugboat Craft

Transportation crafts are always a huge hit here in our home. They are a nice change of pace from all of the animal crafts we make regularly. Lorelai was particularly excited about this tugboat, as she has been asking for one for a while. She decided to make her tugboat green and orange and cut/glued […]

Printable Cow Craft


Good morning, crafty readers! Today I’m posting a new version of a craft we did a while back, a cow! The old cow craft that we made years ago is very cartoon-y (but super cute!). We also made a paper plate cow. Anyway, Lorelai and I both agreed that it was time to make a […]

Printable Robot Craft


This is not the first robot craft I have posted, and it’s definitely not the last! We made this adorable Robot Craft a while back, as well as these Mini Puppets (one is a robot). When Lorelai saw the template for this craft, she got so excited and immediately declared that her robot was going […]

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