Printable Pig Craft


Oink, oink! A couple of years ago, we made this adorable piglet craft, but we were way overdue for another one! This time I designed a more realistic looking piggy! Lorelai chose to paint this one a metallic pink and “oinked” the entire time she painted. =) Print below and enjoy! Facts About Pigs: click […]

Printable Pug Craft


Good morning! Today’s craft is a printable PUG! I absolutely adore this flat-faced breed. I had one growing up and she was hands down the sweetest dog. My parents recently adopted a pug/lhasa apso mix, so Lore was excited about getting to craft a pug! I did help her paint the face on this one […]

Printable Raccoon Craft


I am so excited to share this printable raccoon craft with you all! I had this on my to-make list for over a year, and finally got around to it this past weekend. Lorelai immediately wanted to make it and I’m glad – it turned out SO cute! Print your very own raccoon template below, […]

Printable Scorpion Craft

Scorpion Craft

Good morning! A big thanks to Meghan for this craft suggestion! I’ll admit that this one was really tough to design. I tried to design it from a side view, but it just wouldn’t come together for me. So I did a top view of the scorpion and it finally worked out! Scorpions are not […]

Printable Dinosaur Craft: Anatosaurus


Good morning, friends! I’m so excited to be posting printable crafts again! I have around 10 new crafts ready to post. Today I’m sharing with you this printable dinosaur craft: an Anatosaurus! This craft was inspired by a book we read recently, Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House, No. 1). In the book, a little […]

Printable Playdough Mats: Y and Z


I’m finishing off this Playdough Mat series with letters Y and Z; Y is for Yak and Z is for Zebra. If you are unfamiliar with playdough mats, the concept is super easy to understand – you print & play! You can laminate (or stick in a plastic sheet protector) and use playdough to “color” […]

Printable Box Turtle Craft


Believe it or not, this little guy is even cuter in person! When Lorelai and I were making our 2014 craft list, we realized that we have never made a regular [box] turtle! We crafted this adorable Sea Turtle, but it was so long ago, that another turtle was most welcome. You can print this […]

Printable Caribou Reindeer Craft


Christmas has passed, but it is still winter. With that Polar Vortex mess having just happened, it felt like the right time to post this fun Arctic Animal. I’ll be honest – I had no idea that a caribou is the same thing as a reindeer until I was looking up the facts before I […]

Printable Playdough Mats: W and X


Hey there! We are almost finished with the printable playdough mats! Here are W and X… just two more to go! You can see all of the others listed in the Playdough Section. For those who are new to the concept of playdough mats, you just laminate (or stick in a sheet protector) and ‘color’ […]

Printable Dachshund Craft


Today I’m posting a brand new printable craft ~ a dachshund (pronounced “dox-sun”) doggie! It has been a while since I have posted a printable craft, so I’m excited to bring this one to you all. We have a dachshund puppy (Slinky) that we are totally in love with. Lorelai asked me to design a […]

Printable Playdough Mats: U and V


Today I’m sharing the new printable Playdough Mats that I made – U is for Umbrella, and V is for Vulture! I meant to have all of the letters finished months ago, but between life and the holidays, it didn’t happen. I’m working on the next set at the moment, so expect them soon. You […]

Printable Health Goals Tracker


New year, new goals! I created this printable to track my weekly health goals… and now you can, too! You can laminate it, stick it in a plastic sheet protector, or even put it in a picture frame and use a dry-erase marker on it. Print below and enjoy! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use […]

Storytime Craft: Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Printable puppet crafts, also known as Storytime Crafts, are one of my favorite things to design for my daughter. She has loved every set I have made and still pulls them out of our craft cabinet occasionally to put on little plays. Other Storytime Crafts I have made are: Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding […]

Printable Snow Globe Craft


When I was brainstorming crafts for Christmas & the winter season, this printable snow globe craft was one of the first that I thought of. I liked the idea of Lorelai being able to make her own little globe art! She chose to make a snowman for her first snow globe and colored it with […]

Printable Native American Crafts


It’s my favorite time of year. I love the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. The food, the weather, and especially the crafts. Last year we made these printable pilgrim crafts. I decided to make some Native American friends to go along with them! I wanted to post this before the actual holiday so that you could use […]

Printable Bulldozer Craft

bulldozer craft

I recently blogged two new transportation/construction vehicles — Garbage Truck & Digger, and I’m happy to say that we now have this fun bulldozer craft as well! Lorelai painted this with the others and chose to do hers yellow and orange with a bit of blue. You can see all of our other fun transportation […]

Printable Digger Craft


Last week, I made a handful of new printable crafts (including this garbage truck) and was pleasantly surprise to find that my 6-year-old daughter was excited about this excavator/digger craft. The reason? “It’s like the one on Gold Rush!” That made my husband and I both laugh. We didn’t realize she even paid attention to […]

Wolverine Printable Craft


Hola, LCL friends! Today I’m posting about this new printable animal craft that we did a few days ago — a wolverine! As you can see, Lorelai got very creative with her colors and brush strokes. She decided that this arctic mammal’s pelt of brownish-black and white was too boring and needed some livening up. […]

Thanksgiving Crafts Round-Up


If you are in search of some engaging and fun Thanksgiving crafts, you can stop your search. We have some pretty cute Thanksgiving crafts that we have done in the past, and will be doing more this year. Here is a list of all of them — I will be updating this post as we […]

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