Thumbprint Valentine Flowers with Printable

The thumbrints make up the center of each flower.

I wasn’t planning on doing any crafts today since we baked (blueberry muffins) this morning. We did 3 yesterday so I wasn’t expecting her to ask me this afternoon to do a craft, but she did. So while she ate, I made a quick template and printed it off… She made these “Thumbprint Valentine Flowers” […]

Mini Owl Craft

Mini Owls, yay!

Yes, those are indeed mini owls! We did the larger version {view here} earlier this week and Lorelai was stoaked about it. Then yesterday, while going through her crafts, she said that the owl needed some babies. Thinking it was a great idea, I resized the template and now it’s a printable for everyone to […]

{ Tissue Paper Sun Catcher }

Construction paper and wax paper!

We did this craft today at lunch time. Sorry for the craptastic photos. I’m not feeling well and Lorelai had a messy head from sleeping on wet hair last night, so no pictures. Plus she was covered in peanut butter. Materials We Used: 2 Pieces of Construction Paper (Pink) 2 Pieces of Wax Paper Glue […]

Lovely Owl Craft


Candice, a friend of mine, made this awesome little owl valentine to hang in her office. I wanted to ask her immediately if I could steal it to do with Lorelai, but waited a week or so before begging. LOL! So when I asked Lorelai last night what kind of craft she wanted to do […]

{ Pink Widow Craft, Love Bug Pt II }

Making a mess while I take pics.

I was asked for craft ideas for a birthday party. Something that can be done under 10 minutes and is cute, and my first thought was this spider craft we did this past fall for Halloween. Since Halloween has come and gone, and with V-Day right around the corner, why not a “love bug” instead? […]

{ Valentine Love Bug }

I didn't manage to get many pictures this time.

One more craft for today. We had some leftover heart “leaves” and I wanted to get rid of them. Of course Lorelai was right on board. Even after we finished this one she was asking to do more “prafts”, lol!   Materials We Used: 2 pieces of construction paper (pink & black) 1 piece of […]

{ Tree of Love Craft }

Getting Started! Hearts are cut and the hand is about to be traced.

We did a variation of this craft a few months ago for fall. For a Tree of Love in celebration of the upcoming Valentines Day, what better than hearts for leaves?! I should note that V-Day isn’t really that big of a deal to me. However, Lorelai is at the age where she understands “Valentines” and […]

{ Heart Mobile Craft }

Working hard on her craft!

This weekend, we’ve had two crafts going at once. The first is this heart mobile. We just finished on day 2! I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while but never got around to it. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, hearts were perfect. Lorelai was thrilled to […]

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