Printable Princess Craft


Princess Crafts have always been a hit here, especially when my daughter was a toddler. At six and a half, she has mostly outgrown the princesses, so I was surprised when she asked me to make a new one. I readily agreed. You can see all of our old princess crafts in the Character Section, […]

Princess Belle Printable Craft


Belle, the princess from Beauty in the Beast, always was one of Lorelai’s favorite princesses. I think it might have something to do with her brown hair. While Lore is almost past the princess stage, she still enjoyed making this princess. She decided to color this one instead of paint. Note: the princess doesn’t resemble […]

Printable Castle Craft


Every prince, princess, or knight, needs a castle craft! Lorelai made her own princess castle by painting hers pink. I had originally labeled the craft as a ‘Princess Castle Craft’ but realized there’s nothing keeping it from being a prince’s castle! =) So for those of you with little boys, break out their favorite color […]

Printable Princess Merida Craft


The picture isn’t the greatest – this craft actually is really cute! Lorelai did it by herself, from painting to cutting & gluing. She LOVES Merida and has seen Brave twice in the theaters. We can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. =) So naturally, she was stoaked when I presented her with the […]

Printable Princess Craft: Rapunzel

Printable Rapunzel Craft

Rapunzel is hands down Lorelai’s favorite Disney princess. We must have watched the movie twenty times (probably more!) since it came out on DVD. So, it was really no surprise when she requested her as the next princess craft. This printable is a little tight, so take care when cutting everything. I had to squeeze […]

Printable Princess Craft: Snow White

Printable Snow White Craft

The first three things I heard this morning: “How do you spell ‘fluttershy’? Can I have breakfast? Can we pleeeease do the snow white craft today?” Lorelai was ready to get things started this Sunday morning! Last night, with her sitting beside me, cheerleading me on, I finally caved and made her a Snow White […]

Princess Crown Craft with Printable

Finished princess crown!

This craft has been on my to-make craft list since the beginning of MAY. Yep, you read that right. May. I finally got around to making it this week, and Lore and I crafted it this evening after dinner. It was so simple to make and turned out wonderfully. Lorelai has been dancing around with […]

{ M&D Princess Wand }


We decided to do this M&D Princess Wand craft that Lore received from her Aunt K and Uncle J for Christmas. It turned out to be a lot of fun for her. She’s into everything princess at the moment so it was extra special. Thanks guys! The craft came with a cute little paint set, […]

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