{ Paper Roll Penguin Craft }


A cold front came through this morning, leaving us thin-blooded Texans shivering in our cowgirl boots. Okay, leaving LORE shivering in her cowgirl boots. =) Minus the shivering… it’s not actually that cold. Haha! She asked to do a penguin craft today after we put up our new privacy fence on the patio. My mind […]

Printable Macaroni Penguin Craft


Lorelai requested a macaroni penguin craft a while back. We finally got around to doing it yesterday afternoon after she got out of school. She did almost the entire thing by herself. She painted, cut, and glued down. I had to help with the yellow plumes on its head since they were a little tricky […]

{ Handprint Penguin Craft }

Lorelai and her penguin

Tomorrow is National Penguin Day! To celebrate here on LCL, Lorelai did a classic handprint penguin. No worries – we are celebrating tomorrow as well with the playgroup. I’ll put that craft up tomorrow afternoon/evening. =) We haven’t crafted since last week since I had some health issues come up this past weekend, so she […]

Printable Penguin Craft

Printable Penguin Craft - oh so cute!

Open Penguin Printable And last, but certainly not least, is the penguin. I love how he turned out! We’ll probably do this one again but with different colors. The whole crafting process didn’t take too long. Lorelai painted all three sheets. I cut one out while she painted the last, then we assembled… cutting was […]

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