Printable Bulldozer Craft

bulldozer craft

I recently blogged two new transportation/construction vehicles — Garbage Truck & Digger, and I’m happy to say that we now have this fun bulldozer craft as well! Lorelai painted this with the others and chose to do hers yellow and orange with a bit of blue. You can see all of our other fun transportation […]

Printable Digger Craft


Last week, I made a handful of new printable crafts (including this garbage truck) and was pleasantly surprise to find that my 6-year-old daughter was excited about this excavator/digger craft. The reason? “It’s like the one on Gold Rush!” That made my husband and I both laugh. We didn’t realize she even paid attention to […]

Garbage Truck Printable Craft


My daughter actually really enjoys painting vehicles/transportation crafts, and this one was actually requested by her! We were walking to the bus stop the other morning when a garbage truck pulled up by a nearby dumpster and started to load it into the back. Like any kid, she was excited by the show and said […]

Printable Back Hoe Tractor Craft

Painted & Dry, just waiting to be cut out

Lore was happy to paint another colorful construction vehicle. She did a dump truck and a cement truck a couple of weeks ago. We actually saw a back hoe the other day while some road work was going on nearby. Print below and enjoy! Open Back Hoe Tractor Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use […]

Printable Cement Truck Craft


Out of our stack of ready-to-go printable crafts, Lorelai chose this cement mixer truck this afternoon. She loves pointing out all of the different trucks and construction vehicles while we’re on the road. It didn’t surprise me in the least when she requested this one. Print below and enjoy! Open Cement Truck Printable Printable Instructions […]

Printable Dump Truck Craft

Printable Dump Truck

I have had a variety of construction vehicles on my “to make” craft list for a while now. A big thanks to Lisa for suggesting this in via the suggestion form! I bumped the crafts to the front of my list since I have been wanting to make them anyway. Lorelai loved it! She made […]

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