Turkey Learning Activties & Printables

Turkey Feather Patterns

Lorelai was so upset to miss school yesterday. We had some car trouble in the morning on the way to school and she wasn’t able to go. So I made a point to do some fun learning activities with her today. We went out on the patio since it’s so beautiful outside. She was chipper […]

Color By Numbers: Owls

She did this one all by herself!

Open Color By Numbers – Owls Printable Here is another Color By Numbers sheet that I made. I found this cool owl dingbat font and immediately wanted to make a printable for Lorelai with it. You can download the sheet above! Lorelai did this one all by herself. She’s pretty good at number recognition and […]

Color By Numbers: Unicorns


Open Color By Numbers – Unicorns Printable I stayed up a while last night putting today’s craft and CBN sheet together with some horse dingbats I found online. It’s no secret that Lorelai loves unicorns. They’re pretty much her favorite animal (haha) at the moment. She sleeps with her unicorn pillow pet and cuddles with […]

Color By Numbers: Dinosaurs


We did this dinosaur color by numbers printable today. A friend on FB suggested dinosaurs next and it was perfect since we’ve done a lot of dinosaur activities lately. The link to download and print is at the bottom. We also switched it up and instead of coloring, used paint. Lorelai loved this. I didn’t […]

Color By Numbers: Ballerinas


Open Color By Numbers- Ballerinas Printable I made another Color By Numbers sheet today. I’ve been seriously slacking on the preschool program front but I’m not overly enthused to start it back up again until after the new year. Lorelai’s getting a bunch of “learning” stuff for Christmas (see, not all toys.) and hopefully that […]

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