{ Fun Butterfly Craft }

Finish products of Lorelai's Butterfly Crafts!

My friend Carey sent me a picture of a butterfly craft that she and her daughter made from felt. I thought it was so cute, and since Lorelai is in love with butterflies, I put it on our craft list. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any felt on hand (all of my scraps are buried under […]

Ladybug Worksheet


I’ve been working on numbers and counting with Lorelai for what seems like whatever. Unfortunately, she seems to take after me when it comes to numbers and not liking them overmuch. So I made this worksheet for her last night during a fit of insomnia. The point behind it is to get her to recognize […]

{ Ladybug Craft }

Having fun painting and making a mess, as usual! LOL

EDIT: MAKE THIS CRAFT INTO A VALENTINES DAY CRAFT BY MAKING LITTLE HEARTS FOR THE BACK INSTEAD OF DOTS! After not crafting for a… how long has it been? Precisely! We haven’t been doing many crafts. I’ve been uninspired and just blah. I think I got burnt out during the holidays when we were doing […]

Bee & Flower Craft

Finished product. She did a great job!

I decided this morning to make another printable for today’s craft, and came up with a bumble bee and flower. I wanted to do a collage like thing like we did with the caterpillar, but Lorelai wanted to paint only. Maybe next time we will use tissue paper, glitter, and leftover beans. But for today, […]

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