Wolverine Printable Craft


Hola, LCL friends! Today I’m posting about this new printable animal craft that we did a few days ago — a wolverine! As you can see, Lorelai got very creative with her colors and brush strokes. She decided that this arctic mammal’s pelt of brownish-black and white was too boring and needed some livening up. […]

Printable Puffin Craft


How cute is that little puffin? Lorelai enjoyed painting and assembling him last week. She kept saying, “It looks like a penguin, but not really.” =) There are some fun puffin facts included on the printable. Print below and enjoy! Open Puffin Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Printable Beluga Whale Craft


Beluga whales are such beautiful creatures with their silky white skin and rounded heads. Lorelai has always been a fan, and was very excited to see this craft waiting for her. She ended up painting it a very light gray. I posed it in the snow after we were finished. =) Print below and enjoy! […]

Arctic Animal Crafts Round-Up


Winter is still underway, and while it may be 70 degrees outside in Houston, we have been having fun reading about and crafting arctic animals! Here is a round-up of LearnCreateLove’s printable arctic animals. I will update this list as we do more, so be sure to PIN IT so that you can come back! […]

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