{ Sand Baker }

Cupcake... cake in a cup, get it?

I feel like I complain about Lorelai a lot, or at least associate a lot of her “bad” behavior to her age. Everyone knows three is a hard age, but I’ve always said that with every age, there is also good. I’m really starting to see her imagination come out, and also the desire to make things with her own hands. She doesn’t really care for her play kitchen, but she loves the sandbox. When she isn’t playing with her tonka trucks in it, she is baking. Here are a couple of examples.

To expand on that, she did her own craft today while I slept in. M isn’t artistic at all, so when she asked (begged) to do a craft, he took the baskets off of the crafting bookshelf and let her go at it. He seriously didn’t sit there with her… apparently Daddy is way more laid back than I am! Anyway, she did a pretty awesome job by herself and what she made totally looked like what she intended. I will post more on this later; I still haven’t gotten a picture.

Birthday cake with a candle
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