My Toddler’s Favorite Books (1.5 Year-Old)


I’ve been wanting to share my daughter Madeline’s current favorite books. She’s 19 months-old (1.5 years-old) and has a handful of books that she wants to read over and over again. Some of these books are from her 9 year-old’s collection from when she was younger, so they are now out of print or hard to find, but I’m still going to share them because they really are great books!

Carry Me – FARM Animals – This is hands down Maddie’s favorite book at the moment. I can’t find a proper link for it anywhere, so I linked to a picture of the book. This really is a great book with a bunch of different farm animals that are commenting on some brand new bunnies on the farm. Definitely look for it in a used book store!

ABC by Dr. Seuss – I’ll be honest, I’m not a HUGE fan of Dr. Seuss (don’t hate me), but this book I LOVE. Lorelai loved it when she was little and Maddie has followed suit. It’s fast-paced with rhymes for each letter. We read this one daily.

Discovery Kid’s Moo on the Farm – Are you seeing a pattern yet? Madeline loves animals, especially farm animals. This one has fun buttons that go down the side that she presses when we get to each animal.

Discovery Kid’s Roar at the Zoo – This one is a companion book to Moo on the Farm, but with different zoo animals. We really like these books!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle) These sound books are a huge hit right now, if you can’t tell. This one is the classic Polar Bear book with buttons for each animal. The only complain we have is that there is no polar bear button! A very cute edition of the book otherwise!

Goodnight Sweet Butterflies by Dawn Bentley – This was another of Lorelai’s books when she was little. Madeline loves learning about colors and “futterfies”. This book is really adorable with colorful butterflies that pop out of each page.

Baby Einstein’s Touch and Feel Animals (Not Pictured) This was one of my 9 year-old’s favorite books when she as a toddler, and now it’s her sister’s (1.5 year-old). This book has gone through 2 of my kids and is taped up, but holding strong. It’s actually out of print, but look for it in used book stores or Amazon’s used section.

— Look and See Animals – (author unknown – top book in the photo) We found this one at Half Price Books and it is well-loved. It’s super simple, just different photos of animals. Maddie practices her animal sounds when we “read” this one!

So, these are Maddie’s favorite books at the moment. I probably should have found more that are actually in stock and available for purchase, but I wanted an honest showing of her current favorites. Keep an eye out for these gems!

What are your toddler’s favorite books? Comment below – we love new suggestions!

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