I’ll get right to the point: we do A LOT of crafts. And if you’ve been here before, you know I pretty much call anything that needs two or more materials a craft. It’s easier to simplify when it comes to a tot, ya know? Anyway, I always had trouble figuring out how to store the completed crafts and other artwork pieces that Lorelai made. Up until now, I would always just toss the less-than-cute ones and the keep the rest hung up on the fridge, sitting on the bookshelf, or stuck in our old craft boxes.

Sheet protectors are perfect for keeping cherished artwork safe and sound.

That’s when my friend Cass from The Perfect Housewife told me about the way she stored her kids’ crafts. It’s genius, really. She said to get a big binder and fill it with the clear sheet protectors you can find in any department store office section. That way you can safely store all of the crafts in one place. Plus, it’s fun to go through and look at all of the crafts through the years!

So this morning, the first thing we did was work on this. It wasn’t planned for this morning, I was just going to cook breakfast and was shoving crafts out of the way and got fed up. Ha!

Getting filled with crafts

Other Notes:

  1. My binder is 2″ (they sell bigger) with 25 sheet protectors. It’s filled at the moment, but I’m hoping to get at least 50 sheets in the binder. It’s going to be packed! I still have to dig out all of the crafts. The kitchen and dining area are free of roaming crafts, but we still have bunch on the bookshelves and Lorelai’s room that need to be gathered.
  2. If the crafts are too big: Obviously it’s not going to fit anything bigger than cardstock/paper size. I cut down the construction paper and folded scrapbook paper. For bulky wood crafts and whatnot, I plan on just storing them neatly in my craft box. (Just a plastic bin from Target.)
Another love bug, safe and sound.

So there is one pretty awesome tip on how to store your crafts in an organized and compact way. Thanks again for the tip, Cass!