Spaceship & Aliens ~ Printable Craft

Spaceship & Aliens, eek!

At the start of this week, when I told Lorelai we’d be doing a space theme, one of the first things that came out of her mouth was, “Like spaceships and aliens, right?” I thought it would be fun to end the week on a silly note, so I saved the spaceship and aliens craft […]

{ Easy Star Craft for Kids }

Easy Star Craft

It was SO nice not to have to break out the glue today, and cutting only took a second. Lorelai decorated the hand-drawn and cut out stars with stickers I got from Micheal’s yesterday for $1! I took a strip of paper streamer and cut it in half length-wise and taped them to the back […]

Printable Moon Phase Craft/Activity

Printable Moon Phase Craft

I hesitated in making this printable because I wasn’t sure if Lorelai is too young to really understand moon phases. She did really well! I think she was having a hard time understanding WHY we were painting the moon. I pulled up a Moon Phase App on my Kindle and tried to explain with those […]

{ Moon Activity }

Asteroid Activity

Lorelai learned about the moon’s surface today – more specifically, the craters and where they come from. We did an activity to help her understand how the moon got its craters. I balled up pieces of construction paper (different sizes) and strung up a paper plate. She then threw the “asteroids” and “meteors” at them […]

Printable Astronaut Craft


This is another craft Lorelai requested when we were discussing our Outer Space preschool theme of the week. We did the rocket ship first and she really wanted the astronaut to match. She loved it! Once it’s completely dry, it will be hung up next to the solar system in her room. Printable Craft Instructions […]

Printable Rocketship Craft


Continuing on with our outer space theme today, Lorelai did 2 new crafts. The rocket was the first. =) Of course, she had to paint it girly pink and purple, which is obviously a pretty normal occurrence for her. While doing the craft, we talked about rockets and their purpose. About how they go up […]

Solar System Craft

Lorelai's Solar System

Lorelai requested a solar system craft after watching an episode of Bubble Guppies last week. I thought it was a GREAT idea! I’ve also been wanting to bring back themed weeks in our preschool program so this was the perfect excuse. I’ve got a space-themed activity or craft lined up for every day this week. […]

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