Paper Roll Snowflake Prints


¬† A couple of weeks ago, Lorelai did Paper Roll Flower Prints. She enjoyed it so much that she asked to do it again. However, instead of doing colored paint on white paper, I let her do white paint on dark blue paper…. to make the prints snowflakes! After she did the prints, she used […]

Handprint Snowflake Craft

Handprint Snowflake

I saw this adorable handprint snowflake project on what to do with children and knew immediately we would have to do it! Lorelai has been battling a tummy bug for the past couple of days and is finally starting to feel better. She asked to get crafty tonight and this was the first thing I […]

{ Popsicle Stick Snowflake & Stamps }


We started this craft last night and ended up having to do it twice because I wasn’t thinking and added the glitter before the popsicle sticks were completely glued down and dry. I ended up shaking them all off when I went to dump the excess glitter – doh! So, we started over and Lorelai […]

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