Printable Mermaid Craft II


My daughter has been crafting since before she was 2 years-old, and it has been so amazing to see her creativity come out with each craft. Lately she has been focusing on brush strokes. I was really impressed to come back to find that she had added lines to her mermaid’s hair (to make it […]

Printable Fairy Craft


Fairies are a household favorite right now; Lorelai is constantly drawing pictures of fairies, watching Tinkerbell, and pretending that she is one! You’ve got to love the imagination of a five-year-old. =) She asked me for another fairy craft and this is the one I came up with. A while ago, we did this printable […]

Printable Frankenstein Craft

Frankenstein Craft

Frankenstein ~ classic Halloween figure. Lorelai could only describe him as “creepy”, and I would have to agree. Between the scars, green skin, and the neck bolts, he is beyond creepy. She painted the craft with the same enthusiasm as always, despite Frank’s weirdness. Once it was assembled and dry, she had fun chasing Daddy […]

Printable Griffin Craft

Griffin Craft

I know, it can’t get any more random than this, right? Hehe. Lorelai has a mythical creature book and she chose five or six different creatures to craft. She jumped all over the griffin because she had apparently seen one on My Little Pony. =) I made this printable for her a while back, but […]

Printable Loch Ness Monster Craft

Printable Loch Ness Monster Craft

I know, this craft seems completely random. Lorelai added it to our “to-do” craft list a while back, which now has over 50 things. I made the printable a few weeks ago and we just got to it this afternoon. Lorelai is sick with an upper respiratory infection right now and had to miss a […]

Printable Vampire Craft

Printable Vampire Craft

Vampires are a fun part of Halloween, and Lore did have a good time painting this little guy. My husband laughed when he saw the printable I made, and I have to agree – he’s cute! =) Print below and enjoy! Open Vampire Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

My Little Pony Craft: Fluttershy

Printable Fluttershy Craft

The final My Little Pony craft is here! Lorelai was looking forward to this one all day. We finally got around to painting it after dinner this evening. I have a pretty wicked cold right now, so I laid down for a little bit and my husband finished it up with her. Little did I […]

Printable Sasquatch Craft

Printable Sasquatch Craft

This craft was pretty far down on our long list of crafts to do. Last night, I was reading out our upcoming crafts to Lorelai and she jumped all over the bigfoot craft. Her favorite movie is Harry and the Hendersons, the endearing flick about a family that runs across a Sasquatch on a camping […]

Printable Ballerina Fairy Craft

Printable Ballerina Craft

Somebody please tell me how it’s Sunday already?! This weekend has flown by! On Friday, Lorelai and some of her friends from the playgroup got together at a local park and had a play dough playdate. We all had a great time, and the kids had a BLAST making play dough popsicles, cookies, and more. […]

Printable Dragon Craft

Printable Dragon Craft

Open Dragon Printable Lorelai is a huge fan of Dragon Tales, the old kids television show about a little girl, Emme, and her brother Max, who travel to Dragonland. She has been watching it whenever she gets on Netflix, and loves that I used to watch it when I was younger, too. I finally got […]

Printable Unicorn Craft

Unicorn Craft

Per Lorelai’s request, I made her another unicorn craft to paint and assemble. We did this one ages and ages ago, but I wanted to switch things up this time. She painted it this afternoon after we got back from the pool. (She swam without floaties for the first time today – eek!!) Open Unicorn […]

Printable Mermaid Craft

Lore's Mermaid

Lorelai asked me a loooong time ago to make her a mermaid craft and I finally got around to it this morning. She wanted her to look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, so she gave her red hair. As for the printable, careful cutting! I had to squeeze things in really close to get […]

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