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There are times when I really need some inspiration. If you have any cool ideas for a printable or theme that LCL hasn’t done yet, please tell me about it using the form below. Thank you!

Please note that any printables made from suggestions are still the property of and are to be treated accordingly. Please visit the Copyright & Usage Page for more information.


  1. Bleu Rae says

    My children have made about 35-40 printables and love them all but we found you through the My Little Pony ones. They adorn our walls, all our walls and they have such fun. What they really want is are the Cutie Mark Crusaders printables, or Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell. This would make them so elated. Pretty please and thank you so much.

  2. says

    coud you please make dolls and clothes for them. and i would also like normall princesses ike not disney and a vet clinic

  3. Carrie says

    My daughter loved the my little ponies. Thank you so much for all the printables you make. She wanted to suggest spike and princess Celestia. Also she loves the littlest pet shop show. If you could do those characters as well she would love that. Thanks again so much! Your work is wonderful and so nice to share your talent with everyone.

  4. Hallie says

    We love all of your printables! Some dog printables would be fun. Dachshund, labs, poodles, etc! :)

  5. Meghan says

    We are doing your crafts weekly and next week we are doing Q and I didn’t see any Q printables so I would like to suggest QUAIL! :) Let me know if you do have a Q one and I missed it. Thanks for all your awesome resources!

  6. Sally says

    We like your dragon printable craft :) My son would love a printable specific to Toothless and Hiccup from How to Train a Dragon. Thanks!

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