Playdough & Craft Recipes

Printable Playdough Mats:

A & BAlligator & Butterflies
C & DCats & Dinosaur
E & FEggs & Flowers
G & HGorilla & Helicopter
I & JIcecream & Jellyfish
K & LKite & Ladybugs
M & NManatee & Narwhal
O & POtter & Pirate
Q & RQueen & Rainbow
S & TSea Turtle & Tree Frog
U & VUmbrella & Vulture
W & XWater Buffalo & Xylophone
Y & ZYak & Zebra

Paint recipes can be found HERE.


  1. Sara says

    I love your site but I am wondering when the Y and Z printable play mats will be available. Not trying to rush you just curious.

    Thank you

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