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Hey guys! In case you don’t know by now, I’m Kim. I’m the mommy, brains, photographer, and designer behind LearnCreateLove. I have an adorable 4.5 year-old daughter, who you will see quite frequently on this blog. I’m also married to an amazing guy, frequently referred to on here as ‘M’. We are currently living in SE Texas, but my roots (and my a big piece of my heart) are still on the East Coast in Southern Maryland. I am NOT a formal preschool teacher; I’ve just taken the philosophy that I’m my daughters ‘first teacher’ to heart and have strived to teach my little sponge as much as possible in the funnest ways… and as you can see, we have LOTS of fun!

When I first started this blog, the sole purpose was for me to have a place to dump all of my “family” stuff. At the time, Lorelai was really getting into crafts and we were starting our homeschool preschool “program” at the time (hence the name). When I started making printable crafts (to make my own life a little easier!), friends starting asking for copies. I began sticking a download link at the end of the blog posts and it just grew from there. Every printable I make, I make for my daughter’s benefit, and I put them for download on my blog because I know someone else out there might be able to use them.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. Enjoy your stay at LCL and please feel free to comment ~ I love reading them!!


  1. Clara says

    Kim Thank so much you for sharing your love, interest and creativity with the other moms. May God return all your sharing with health, love and happiness for you and your family.

  2. Christina Wells says

    What a fantastic site! Came across it by accident. As a teacher Iof 4-5 year olds (UK Year R) I am always looking for ways to not reinvent the wheel when planning lessons for the week. This has some really good ideas and I love the way that with the fairy printables for Little Red Riding Hood there is such a good animated version for the children to watch at story time. Will be coming back often and will add any resources I think are appropriate. Thank you so much Kim

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