Turkey Headband Craft

How cute is  this craft? I saw something like this on a friend’s facebook. Her son did this craft at school (I think) and I had to copy!

I used: cardstock, feathers, a little bit of orange construction paper, glue, and googly eyes… oh, and scissors!

I cut out the circle for the head and wings by hand. The “band” is just two identical strips of cardstock taped together.

She painted everything first. Then we glued on the feathers, then the wings, and last the head and eyes. If you don’t have feathers, you could easily make some by hand! Just cut them out of cardstock. Or you could use the feathers from this printable craft that I posted last week. =)

We both really enjoyed this one. She didn’t understand the whole concept at first, but once the feathers and wings were on, she saw it and started giggling incessantly. She’s going to wear it probably all day tomorrow!

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