{ Ocean Week RECAP }

Ocean Week

Finally, a theme in which we were able to accomplish a lot! I think it helped that I dedicated 2 weeks to the subject. We definitely could have kept going. We will revisit this one for sure in the future! Crafts & Activities We Did: Sea Animals Memory Game *printable* Paper Roll Octopus Craft Seahorse […]

{ Transportation Week Recap }

Transportation Week

Transportation week was a fun one. Unfortunately, it was another that we weren’t able to finish completely. We’ll definitely revisit this one though since Lorelai had a lot of fun with it. Activities & Crafts: Tire Tracks Activity Basic Math ~ Train-Themed *printable* Railroad Crossing Printable *printable* Train Craft *printables* Stoplight & Stop Sign Crafts […]

{ Rainforest Week Recap }

Rainforest Week!

Rainforest week was a fun one! I wish we’d had more time to finish all of the crafts and activities I’d had planned. I’m definitely putting this one down as a repeat in the future! It’s so vast that it could probably encompass a few weeks’ worth of activities. What We Did This Week: Printable […]

{ Pirate Week Recap }

Pirate Week Recap

Lorelai chose this week’s theme – pirates! We didn’t do too much because I had a full schedule early on in the week, but she enjoyed all of it! A few preschool printables, including a cutting practice sheet, tracing practice, and Make A Word (my favorite). We also did a couple of crafts ~ the […]

{ Weather Week Recap }

Learning About Weather

Last week was the perfect week to learn about weather. It was rainy and the temperatures were all over the place. I focused much of Lorelai’s learning on clouds, the water cycle (very brief description), rain, and rainbows. I definitely could have done more, so I’m  putting this one down to revisit later. Here are […]

Theme Recap: 5 Senses

5 Senses Week

I had planned this theme so that everything could be done in one week, but life got busy and it took us two complete weeks to get through it. Overall, Lorelai really enjoyed learning about her 5 senses, the experiments, and crafts. I also liked learning about the different animals that use their senses. Some […]

{ Space Week Recap! }


So our first themed week of the year (I know, I’ve seriously slacked) is done. There were a bunch of other activities we could have done, but I’ll save them for when this theme comes around again. I’m going to do a Recap every friday so that all of our themed crafts and activities will […]

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