Squid Printable Craft


We seem to be on a sea animal trend lately! I’ve recently posted a hermit crab, a crab, and a lobster. Lorelai used to be TERRIFIED of squids, but she was all giggles when making this one (she thought it looked funny). You can print the free template below! Open Squid Printable Printable Instructions | […]

Hermit Crab Printable Craft


Summer is well underway in the U.S. right now, and what better crafts to make than cute little sea critters? Recently, we have also made a crab, a lobster, and a squid. My six-year-old daughter also made this cute hermit crab. You can grab the free printable template below. Enjoy! Open Hermit Crab Printable Printable […]

Lobster Printable Craft


Last week I posted this Printable Crab Craft that Lorelai made at the same time as this lobster. It’s quite a bit of cutting with all of the little legs, but it’s a good project for a rainy day this summer. =) Print below and enjoy! Open Lobster Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use […]

Printable Minke Whale Craft


Good morning crafters! It has been a bit quiet around here after a few weeks of non-stop new crafts. I decided to take a break for a couple of weeks to get some of my other projects done. Anyway, today I’m posting about this Minke Whale Craft. A big thanks to Helen for suggesting it. […]

CD Fish Craft


Looking for a fun, classic craft? Here you go! This CD fish was super easy to make. The best part? Sequins! Lorelai, my daughter, is currently obsessed with using her rainbow sequins. Pair it with a shiny CD, and any sparkle-loving kiddo will enjoy it. =) What you will need – a CD (we used […]

Zebra Shark Printable Craft


When searching for animals for our Endangered Animals unit, I came across the zebra shark. Though the zebra shark is Threatened and not Endangered, I thought it would be a good addition to the unit. Lorelai was a bit surprised that the ZEBRA shark has spots and not stripes. That’s when I informed her that […]

Printable Humpback Whale Craft


I designed this humpback whale craft for my animal-obsessed daughter. The whale itself is cut in half on the printable – you must glue the front and back parts together. I had to position it that way so that the whale wouldn’t too small. =) Print below and enjoy! Facts About Humpback Whales Humpback whales […]

Printable Manatee Craft


Lorelai and I were watching another episode of National Geographic’s North America series and saw these adorable marine animals and just had to make a craft of them! Lorelai was excited to have another sea animal to add to our underwater collage, but I’ll blog more about that soon. The craft itself is very simple […]

Printable Pelican Craft


Last week, our little family traveled down to the coast to have a beach day. We were all looking forward to the trip out of town, the wavy beach, and hot sand. What I didn’t expect to see were a bunch of brown pelicans fishing over the water. I sat under the umbrella for hours […]

{ Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft }


Need an easy, fun, and ADORABLE craft? This is it! The pictures I took really don’t do this paper plate jellyfish craft any justice. It’s actually really, really cute! The process itself is also very simple. Lorelai practically did it all by herself. Directions are below… enjoy! Here are some other jellyfish crafts we’ve done: […]

Printable Angelfish Craft


A couple days ago, Lorelai requested a pink and purple angelfish craft. I made it this afternoon and she asked to paint it the second it came out of the printer. =) I think it turned out pretty cute! You can make this any color you want (of course), but the example on the printable […]

Printable Puffin Craft


How cute is that little puffin? Lorelai enjoyed painting and assembling him last week. She kept saying, “It looks like a penguin, but not really.” =) There are some fun puffin facts included on the printable. Print below and enjoy! Open Puffin Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Printable Beluga Whale Craft


Beluga whales are such beautiful creatures with their silky white skin and rounded heads. Lorelai has always been a fan, and was very excited to see this craft waiting for her. She ended up painting it a very light gray. I posed it in the snow after we were finished. =) Print below and enjoy! […]

Printable Sting Ray Craft

Printable Sting Ray Craft

Another craft to check off our mile-long to-do list. Lorelai painted this little guy after our pumpkin painting playdate this morning. I unearthed her scissors last night while getting paints ready, so she was able to cut him out all by herself. She was proud of herself for doing it all solo! =) Print below! […]

Printable Narwhal Craft

Printable Narwhal Craft

Lorelai was all about doing her “unicorn whale” craft yesterday afternoon. She chose to paint him pink and red. She did a great job! Narwhals are one of the oddest looking animals, with their giant horn thing. After the craft was assembled and dried, Lorelai chased her daddy around with it. This one doubles as […]

Printable Seal Craft

Printable Seal Craft

A big thanks to Shark Week for giving me the idea to make a seal! You can find a printable shark here, in case you’re interested! How cute is Lorelai’s rainbow seal? She got some new watercolors today and wanted to give them a go. She couldn’t just use one color, of course! She chanted […]

Finding Nemo Printable Craft


Finding Nemo is such a cute movie. I remember seeing it in the theaters with a friend when it first came out. I also remember trying not to cry… and failing miserably. It’s just one of those movies that never gets old! Lorelai loved it as a young toddler because of all the bright colors, […]

Printable Mermaid Craft

Lore's Mermaid

Lorelai asked me a loooong time ago to make her a mermaid craft and I finally got around to it this morning. She wanted her to look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, so she gave her red hair. As for the printable, careful cutting! I had to squeeze things in really close to get […]

{ Paper Roll Octopus Craft }

Painting the Toilet Paper Roll

This little octopus came out SO cute. Lorelai was cooing sweet words to it the entire time she was painting, which was pretty hysterical. (She needs a sibling… but let’s not go there now, haha.) This one was easy (as are all the crafts we do) and took very little time to do. Less than […]

Printable Seahorse Craft

Printable Seahorse Craft

I made and printed this page LAST WEEK and it has been sitting on my counter since then. Oops! Lorelai found it this morning and that’s what started our “Craft Morning”… I figured, better get it all out of the way now! Isn’t that the usual way of things? Haha. Anyway, the seahorse is super […]

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