Printable Caribou Reindeer Craft


Christmas has passed, but it is still winter. With that Polar Vortex mess having just happened, it felt like the right time to post this fun Arctic Animal. I’ll be honest – I had no idea that a caribou is the same thing as a reindeer until I was looking up the facts before I […]

Paper Bag Reindeer Craft


Good morning, friends! Today I’m posting about this simple craft we made last week – it’s a paper bag reindeer (Rudolph)! As you can see, we love our paper bag puppets and make them often. We also love reindeer. You can see a list of all of our reindeer crafts in our Christmas Crafts Round-Up! […]

Reindeer Ornaments

Fun Reindeer Ornaments!

I came across this pin from Momma’s Fun World a few weeks ago and knew we would be doing these cute reindeer ornaments this holiday season. We actually did these at the beginning of last week – I just never got around to blogging them! Lorelai was soooo happy to see these come together. We […]

{ Footprint & Handprint Reindeer Craft }

Footprint & Handprint Reindeer

We have done this craft before, but I guess I never got around to blogging it in years past. It’s so cute and simple. All you need is paint, a paintbrush, piece of paper, and hands & a foot. We did the foot first to get it out of the way, then the hands. Add […]

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Craft

Reindeer Craft

Open Rudolph Printable Rudolph is another fun Christmas icon that we love. I’ve had this printable sitting around all week, but we haven’t had time to do it. Lorelai was happy to get back to crafting this morning. We have done other reindeer crafts in the past – handprint reindeer, reindeer craft with handprint antlers, […]

{ Simple Handprint Reindeer Craft }

Handprint Reindeer Craft

Here is the other Handprint craft we did this morning. I’m sure we did this one last year, but I can’t find it on the blog to link to it. We did do these cute thumbprint reindeer and also a reindeer with handprint antlers. In addition to those, there is also the paper plate reindeer […]

{ Holiday Thumbprint Crafts }

Holiday Thumbprint Crafts - Great for homemade cards!

I saw these ideas (minus the assassin snowmen) on Pinterest, and I love how they turned out! They’re going to be cards for grandparents and great-grandparents. =) These are so easy that you don’t even need directions… just look at the picture and do it – they are that easy! Lorelai had a lot of […]

{ Reindeer Handprint Craft }


We did this reindeer craft last year and it was fun to see how much her hands have grown in the space of a year. =) We used cardstock (for the nose & eyes), and construction paper for the rest. It’s pretty much self explanatory how to do this – just cut out and glue! […]

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