2-Letter Beginner Sight Words

Beginner Sight Words

I made some weather-themed, 2-letter beginner sight words printable. Lorelai knows most of these words but it’s nice to have them on hand as flashcards. As mentioned, these can be cut out and used a flashcards. I provided light lines on the printable to cut out in uniform squares, or you could just cut out […]

{ Printable Preschool Set: Owlette }

Preschool Pack: Owl

“Owlette”, the owl from this craft, that has inspired my custom name owl print, is featured in my first “Printable Preschool Set”. I’ve seen similar sets on other sites and wanted to put one together with Lorelai’s favorite owl. This set includes the following: Which Owl Is Different – a 4 card set in which […]

Printable Clean Up CheckList

Printable Clean Up Checklist

Like mother, like daughter, I have a child who doesn’t like cleaning. Scratch that. She loves helping me clean around our home, but she really hates having to clean up her own messes, specifically her bedroom. We were having a real problem of this before Christmas (before we got rid of a bunch of stuff) […]

Christmas Tree Number Recognition Activity

Free printable!

Laminate this worksheet for multiple uses, then use a dry erase marker to write in the numbers! Decorate with paint, markers, stickers, cut-out construction paper ornaments, little balls of playdough, dried beans, M&M’s, etc. This one is VERY versatile! Open Christmas Tree # Recognition Printable

Printable Coin Sort Activity

Coin Sort Activity

I made this coin sheet to help Lorelai learn her coins. It’s something that I’ve had on my preschool to-do list for a long time, but have never really gotten around to. Unfortunately, the coin pictures are just for the coin designs; they are not to scale. I think she will still have a fun […]

Color-By-Shapes Printable

Color by Shapes Worksheet

Open Color-By-Shapes Printable So Color-By-Number worksheets have been a huge hit over here for years. Lorelai has been able to do them by herself without help for a while now, so I decided to switch it up some and do a Color-By-Shapes worksheet. Can’t wait to print this one out – just have to buy […]

Pumpkin Faces Printable

Draw on some faces!

Open Pumpkin Faces Printable Have your child decorate this sheet of blank pumpkins! Laminate it and use dry erase markers, or just go ahead and use regular markers or crayons. OR you could even go a step further and cut out some shapes out of black construction paper (triangles, mouths, hair, etc). Still not what […]

Preschool Spider Activity

Preschool Activity: Add Spiders to the Webs

Open Spiderweb Printable I decided to make another activity worksheet for Lorelai to do, spider/Halloween-themed! She really enjoyed doing the last one I made like this: the ladybug worksheet. I made this one to download/print (see link above). Just fill in the number and have your child color or draw in the number of spiders. […]

Learning Activities & Printables

Happy girl doing some activities

We made another trip to a teacher supply store nearby this morning. I’ve been wanting to get a few new things to help get me motivated again on the homeschool-preschool front. We came home with some nice loot! Sight Words Flash Cards, Rhyming Cards, Translucent “Counters”, a small clock, and dice (for math/addition activities). Lorelai […]

Homemade Fridge Magnets & Number Flashcards

Number Flashcards - domino-esque style

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! This week has seriously flown by. We have been busy doing playdates, having fun at indoor playgrounds, and getting settled in our new apartment. We still have some kitchen stuff that needs to be resolved, and there are 4 packed boxes of small kitchen appliances and whatnot sitting in […]

Giraffe Worksheet & Craft

First laminated worksheet - yay!

Motivated despite being sick, I printed out a couple of worksheets and whatnot that I made last week. The first is very similar to the Ladybug Worksheet, but with giraffes! There are two versions – one with numbers already printed in the circles, and one without. I printed the one without so that I could […]

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