Learning Board 2.0

Our Learning Board

A year and a half ago, give or take, I posted this post about our learning board. It worked amazingly well for us at the time, considering Lore was almost 2 years younger. She’s a bit past the animal & letter of the week now. Plus, the cheap board was starting to fall apart; it […]

{ Ocean Week RECAP }

Ocean Week

Finally, a theme in which we were able to accomplish a lot! I think it helped that I dedicated 2 weeks to the subject. We definitely could have kept going. We will revisit this one for sure in the future! Crafts & Activities We Did: Sea Animals Memory Game *printable* Paper Roll Octopus Craft Seahorse […]

{ Weather Week Recap }

Learning About Weather

Last week was the perfect week to learn about weather. It was rainy and the temperatures were all over the place. I focused much of Lorelai’s learning on clouds, the water cycle (very brief description), rain, and rainbows. I definitely could have done more, so I’m  putting this one down to revisit later. Here are […]

{ Space Week Recap! }


So our first themed week of the year (I know, I’ve seriously slacked) is done. There were a bunch of other activities we could have done, but I’ll save them for when this theme comes around again. I’m going to do a Recap every friday so that all of our themed crafts and activities will […]

Printable Coin Sort Activity

Coin Sort Activity

I made this coin sheet to help Lorelai learn her coins. It’s something that I’ve had on my preschool to-do list for a long time, but have never really gotten around to. Unfortunately, the coin pictures are just for the coin designs; they are not to scale. I think she will still have a fun […]

Learning Activities & Printables

Happy girl doing some activities

We made another trip to a teacher supply store nearby this morning. I’ve been wanting to get a few new things to help get me motivated again on the homeschool-preschool front. We came home with some nice loot! Sight Words Flash Cards, Rhyming Cards, Translucent “Counters”, a small clock, and dice (for math/addition activities). Lorelai […]

{ Writing }


While we were visiting M’s family yesterday, Lorelai was writing and drawing on a white board they had. She did pretty well writing her name by herself, but I noticed she had a hard time writing a couple letters of her last name. Since we haven’t been practicing letters too much lately, I decided to […]

Fun Learning

First, we started off with patterns. She nailed them!

We had a fun morning of learning and crafting, followed by watching a new movie – Megamind. Lorelai had a lot of fun doing her school activities this morning. First thing, we went over the Learning Board and ABC sounds, then went on to the workbooks and writing pages. She was very eager to do […]

{ Our Learning Board }

Our Preschool Learning Board

I wrote about this board in my last post and I finally completed it! I printed out the titles, cut out the scrapbooking paper to back the titles, and then very lightly glued the titles backs to the scrapbooking paper. (I’m talking about two little specks of glue!) I then cut out little “windows” out […]

{ Preschool Again }

Preschool is something that has been discussed a lot around here lately. M and I have finally decided to only send Lorelai to one year of preschool instead of two. The main reason being that she’s growing up so fast and, while she’s probably ready for school, I would rather keep her home another year. […]

Color By Numbers: Dinosaurs


We did this dinosaur color by numbers printable today. A friend on FB suggested dinosaurs next and it was perfect since we’ve done a lot of dinosaur activities lately. The link to download and print is at the bottom. We also switched it up and instead of coloring, used paint. Lorelai loved this. I didn’t […]

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