{ Lorelai’s Story & ToT }

I can’t believe it’s almost Thursday! This week has flown by. The blog has been quiet for a couple of days. We did a ton of stuff on Monday so Tuesday, we took the day off of crafting. We did our usual preschool schedule in the morning: reading lesson, preschool workbook, basic math, days of […]

{ When I Grow Up }


I admit, this is the first time I’ve asked Lorelai what she wanted to be when she grew up. I never thought to ask her it because she still seems so young, and what does she know about being grown up yet, right? Well, she certainly had an opinion! She firmly stayed that she wanted […]

{ Mommy Melting! }


I cut Lorelai’s sandwich into a heart shape today and told her it was because she’s special and I love her. WOW. If I had foreseen the reaction I got, I would have started cutting her sandwiches into special shapes a long time ago. She flipped. Squealed her little Lorelai squeal. Jumped up and down […]

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