{ Freeze Dancing ~ Hearing Activity }

Freeze Dancing!

So yesterday (I’m just getting around to blogging this!), Lorelai also learned about hearing. One of the hearing activities we did was Freeze Dancing. She put one of her favorite compilation CDs and danced to the music. I paused it randomly and she had to freeze whichever move she was doing at the time. She […]

{ Painting with Water & Counting }

Painting with Water

I saw this really cool idea on Pinterest (pinned from this website) the other day… painting with water! Lorelai hasn’t used the chalkboard side of her easel in a long time so I thought it would be a fun Saturday afternoon distraction for her. I was right! She loved it. We went through a bunch […]

Printable Moon Phase Craft/Activity

Printable Moon Phase Craft

I hesitated in making this printable because I wasn’t sure if Lorelai is too young to really understand moon phases. She did really well! I think she was having a hard time understanding WHY we were painting the moon. I pulled up a Moon Phase App on my Kindle and tried to explain with those […]

{ Homemade Light Table }

Homemade Light Table

I keep coming across homemade light tables on Pinterest. Some are super involved and, honestly, just too much work for me. But lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of homemade light tables made with clear plastic storage containers and a variety of lights – some have flashlights inside, some have those “click it” lights, and […]

Learning Activities & Printables

Happy girl doing some activities

We made another trip to a teacher supply store nearby this morning. I’ve been wanting to get a few new things to help get me motivated again on the homeschool-preschool front. We came home with some nice loot! Sight Words Flash Cards, Rhyming Cards, Translucent “Counters”, a small clock, and dice (for math/addition activities). Lorelai […]

Fun Learning

First, we started off with patterns. She nailed them!

We had a fun morning of learning and crafting, followed by watching a new movie – Megamind. Lorelai had a lot of fun doing her school activities this morning. First thing, we went over the Learning Board and ABC sounds, then went on to the workbooks and writing pages. She was very eager to do […]