Paper Bag Frog Puppet


We are big fans of frogs around here, especially frog crafts! We recently made a Paper Roll Frog that’s totally adorable, and also a Printable Frog, Orange Frog, Tree Frog, and a Frog Life Cycle set. Lorelai was so happy when she found this craft set up and ready for her when she got home […]

Paper Roll Frog Craft

prfrog (1)

We are no strangers to frog crafts and have made many — printable frog, lady frog, printable tree frog, fun “orange” frog. We were overdue for a new frog craft, and this paper roll frog was the perfect thing. I actually got this idea from Lore’s old preschool. One of teachers had clipped their paper […]

Frog Life Cycle with Printables


Teaching my daughter about the life cycle of frogs has been a fun task, mainly because she is obsessed with frogs right now! My parents have this fish pond in their back yard and she played near that thing the entire time we were up there (almost a month!). I bought her a little net […]

Printable Orange Frog Craft

Printable Frog Craft

Open Orange Frog Printable Yes, this is indeed another one of Lorelai’s animal encyclopedia crafts. I recall Lorelai repeatedly checking our craft list to make sure that ‘orange frog’ was on there. She was thrilled to bits when she saw the printable waiting for her on the table yesterday. Print below and enjoy! Printable Instructions […]

Printable Tree Frog Craft

Lorelai's Tree Frog

Finishing up our Rainforest-themed week, Lorelai crafted a cute little tree frog this afternoon. She learned that these red-eyed tree frogs live in the rainforest canopy and snatch up crickets, moths, and flies with their long sticky tongues. Open Tree Frog Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Baby Frog Craft

Ready to get started!

A few days ago, Lorelai made this lady frog craft and was uber excited about it. Within minutes of hanging it up, she claimed that she needed a boyfriend and a baby. LOL! I got a few e-mails asking for a printable for the frog, but as I stated in that post, it was just […]

{ Lady Frog Craft }

Ready to do her froggie craft

Today we did a frog craft. It’s been a while since we’ve done any real crafting and we had a little window of time this afternoon. I freehanded the entire body onto three different sheets of cardstock, then cut them out. She painted and I allowed them to dry for about 10 minutes. They didn’t […]

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