{ Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough }

The Ingredients

Homemade play dough is such a fun and easy project to do with young children. I’ve made it numerous times with Lorelai in the past ~ this is the last recipe we used. We tried out a new Kool-Aid Playdough recipe today and it turned out really well. It’s definitely my favorite so far. The […]

Theme Recap: 5 Senses

5 Senses Week

I had planned this theme so that everything could be done in one week, but life got busy and it took us two complete weeks to get through it. Overall, Lorelai really enjoyed learning about her 5 senses, the experiments, and crafts. I also liked learning about the different animals that use their senses. Some […]

Printable Mouse Craft

Printable Mouse Craft

Mice have an exceptional sense of hearing. According to this site, mice can hear frequencies between 1,000 and 100,000 Hz. By comparison, humans can hear frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Big difference! So since our theme for the day is hearing, I made this mouse printable. Lorelai and I were both laughing when it […]

{ Freeze Dancing ~ Hearing Activity }

Freeze Dancing!

So yesterday (I’m just getting around to blogging this!), Lorelai also learned about hearing. One of the hearing activities we did was Freeze Dancing. She put one of her favorite compilation CDs and danced to the music. I paused it randomly and she had to freeze whichever move she was doing at the time. She […]

Jellyfish Craft

Printable Jellyfish Craft

As I mentioned in the Safari post (our activity for “sight”), Lorelai picked up another vicious cold this week. She was really glad to be able to do a fun activity and craft today. I chose a jellyfish today since we hadn’t done one yet. Plus, the jellyfish has TWENTY FOUR eyes. Crazy right?! Open […]

{ Safari Craft & Fun }

There were wooden animals all over her bookshelf.

I’m really am trying to get through this Five Senses preschool theme. We were busy beyond belief last week. This week Lorelai got sick again and she’s been out of commission the past couple of days. She’s still not feeling 100%, but she was getting stir crazy this afternoon so I decided to go ahead […]

{ Teaching Taste: Craft & Activity }


I know I had originally planned to do the Five Senses theme all in one week, but we just had so much going on last week that were only able to do 2. Since we have some stuff planned this week as well, I’m going to finish up the theme (hopefully) by Friday. So today […]

Bloodhound Dog Craft


I had good intentions with this printable. It did look like a bloodhound when I made it, but with the paint colors being off and not being able to really show the wrinkling, this bloodhound looks like a Labrador! That’s okay, Lorelai doesn’t know the difference. Today she learned all about the dog with the […]

Fragrant Flower Craft

Fragrant Flower Craft

So today is all about SMELL, as I mentioned in the previous post. I read about this one on a preschool website I stumbled across late one night last week. Unfortunately I didn’t bookmark it, but I’m still looking and will give credit once I find it. Anyway, I thought it would be PERFECT for […]

Scratch-N-Sniff Watercolor Paint

Watercolor Rainbow with Koolaid Watercolors

Today is all about the sense of SMELL! Lorelai did 3 fun craft activities this morning, and this is one of them. I saw an article on E-How about making watercolors with Koolaid packets. I thought it was pretty much genius and when M (my husband) went out last night to run some errands, I […]

{ Preschool Activity: Homemade Slime }

Adding in the glue and squirting the water

This week’s theme is Five Senses. We’re focusing on activities that will help Lorelai understand how her body works and picks up on different things. We did this homemade slime activity after we talked about different textures and how one can feel them. She walked around our home and touched different surfaces, then told me […]

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