Baby Frog Craft

Ready to get started!

A few days ago, Lorelai made this lady frog craft and was uber excited about it. Within minutes of hanging it up, she claimed that she needed a boyfriend and a baby. LOL! I got a few e-mails asking for a printable for the frog, but as I stated in that post, it was just […]

{ Lady Frog Craft }

Ready to do her froggie craft

Today we did a frog craft. It’s been a while since we’ve done any real crafting and we had a little window of time this afternoon. I freehanded the entire body onto three different sheets of cardstock, then cut them out. She painted and I allowed them to dry for about 10 minutes. They didn’t […]

Lovely Owl Craft


Candice, a friend of mine, made this awesome little owl valentine to hang in her office. I wanted to ask her immediately if I could steal it to do with Lorelai, but waited a week or so before begging. LOL! So when I asked Lorelai last night what kind of craft she wanted to do […]

{ Heart Mobile Craft }

Working hard on her craft!

This weekend, we’ve had two crafts going at once. The first is this heart mobile. We just finished on day 2! I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while but never got around to it. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, hearts were perfect. Lorelai was thrilled to […]

{ Ladybug Craft }

Having fun painting and making a mess, as usual! LOL

EDIT: MAKE THIS CRAFT INTO A VALENTINES DAY CRAFT BY MAKING LITTLE HEARTS FOR THE BACK INSTEAD OF DOTS! After not crafting for a… how long has it been? Precisely! We haven’t been doing many crafts. I’ve been uninspired and just blah. I think I got burnt out during the holidays when we were doing […]

Unicorn Craft

Loving the paint!

We started this craft/picture/whatever at the same time we did the unicorn Color By Numbers page, but I wanted to wait to blog it until I was able to cut out and assemble the full picture. This is, of course, also a printable for those who have unicorn-loving children who like to do crafts. Lorelai […]

Bee & Flower Craft

Finished product. She did a great job!

I decided this morning to make another printable for today’s craft, and came up with a bumble bee and flower. I wanted to do a collage like thing like we did with the caterpillar, but Lorelai wanted to paint only. Maybe next time we will use tissue paper, glitter, and leftover beans. But for today, […]

{ M&D Princess Wand }


We decided to do this M&D Princess Wand craft that Lore received from her Aunt K and Uncle J for Christmas. It turned out to be a lot of fun for her. She’s into everything princess at the moment so it was extra special. Thanks guys! The craft came with a cute little paint set, […]

Mr. Monster Craft


It’s been a quiet day around here so far. Lorelai was getting restless so I asked if she wanted to do a craft. “YES!!!!” *squeals* Then I asked what she wanted to make and she quickly said, “A monster! A purple monster.” So Mr. Monster was born… He was made from: a paper plate, a […]

Reindeer Paper Plate Craft


I’ll admit it: I’m burnt out on Christmas crafts. I think it has to do with the stress of having to get everything done before Christmas, Máyo getting a lot of overtime this close to the holiday, etc. I’m grateful that he has the work and we could definitely use the money, but we still […]

{ Christmas Tree Printing }


Lorelai and I were both bored, Máyo was late, and all of the chores were done. I was about to go turn on the TV when Lorelai saw the craft box on the floor and started digging through it. When she asked to do one (I’m serious, the girl loves her little activities), I was […]

Textured Snowman Craft


So this was the craft I mentioned in my last post – the one I had planned on doing with Lorelai yesterday but didn’t. I woke up with a lot more energy today, so this one it was. Mayo actually suggested that we do a snowman because we’ve been doing too many Christmas trees, angels, […]

{ Christmas Rocks }


How appropriate is the title of this post? =) This wasn’t the planned craft for today. I wasn’t really feeling up to doing the more intricate one that Máyo had picked out to do, so we’re saving that one for tomorrow or this weekend and we did this one instead. Christmas rocks! We had a […]

{ Santa Ornament }


I came across this craft here and thought it was really cute! We had all of the materials and paint and Lorelai asked to paint, so win-win. =) Ours didn’t come out as nice as the one shown, but then again, a 3-year-old did ours (though I assembled). A strand of hair got painted – […]

Snowflake Craft


Open Snowflake Printable First, this craft comes with a printable; you can download and print it from the link above. This is a really simple craft – once you get past the cutting out of the snowflake.You have to cut out the center of the snowflake like pictured above. If you print on cardstock, you’ll […]

Turkey Headband Craft


How cute is  this craft? I saw something like this on a friend’s facebook. Her son did this craft at school (I think) and I had to copy! I used: cardstock, feathers, a little bit of orange construction paper, glue, and googly eyes… oh, and scissors! I cut out the circle for the head and […]

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