Printing & Painting with Celery


Hey there! I want to share this fun painting project with you all. I was chopping celery the other night and got down to the hard end that I normally toss, when a Craftsy post popped into my head. I’d been meaning to try this fun celery printing project since I saw it and I’m […]

{ Homemade Bagel Bird Feeder }


Cold, gray, winter afternoons, with intermittent snow flurries, call for simple crafts. Making homemade bird feeders is one of those easy crafts that only take a few minutes to do. Lore is 5 years-old and did this one all on her own while her little cousin and grandparents were taking a nap. We hung them […]

{ Painting with Spaghetti }


This isn’t the first time Lore has painted with spaghetti, but it is the first time in a long time. I think the last time was when we lived at our old apartment! It was fun seeing her re-discover this one. She had a great time dipping the paint and dropping the spaghetti onto the […]

{ Simple Marshmallow Ghost Craft }

Marshmallow Ghost Craft

This craft is extremely simple. It was a last-minute idea I came up with since Lorelai was asking to keep crafting. I mentioned in a previous post that she’s sick right now and was feeling down this afternoon. We did a bunch of crafts today to cheer her up. This one REALLY cheered her up. […]

{ Marshmallow & Toothpick Fun }


I have been wanting to do this activity with Lorelai for a while now, so when we had a few spare minutes this afternoon that needed filling, we got right to it. Lorelai really enjoyed this. Probably because she got to eat little morsels of sugar throughout the entire activity without me screeching about it […]

Scratch-N-Sniff Watercolor Paint

Watercolor Rainbow with Koolaid Watercolors

Today is all about the sense of SMELL! Lorelai did 3 fun craft activities this morning, and this is one of them. I saw an article on E-How about making watercolors with Koolaid packets. I thought it was pretty much genius and when M (my husband) went out last night to run some errands, I […]

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