Paper Chain Snake Craft

chainsnake (1)

I just love when friends inbox me with pictures of crafts and activities with the tagline, “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!” A huge thanks to Jamie for showing me the craft her son did in preschool a couple weeks ago. Paper chain snakes are so easy and turn out really cute. Lorelai stated from the […]

{ Scratch Art Flower }

Coloring the flower

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, Lorelai asked to do a craft. I had been wanting to do scratch art with her for a long time, but I always forgot… until today! I decided to make it more than just scratch art by making a flower as well, since it’s spring. Lorelai loved it! After […]

{ Handprint Christmas Tree }

8 hands total, and she insisted on doing the glue.

Lorelai got to choose today’s craft. We were browsing a few of my go-to craft idea websites and she quickly decided on another Christmas tree. I had seen something like this done before and thought it was so cute… so that’s what we did! She was so stoaked about this one – the evidence is […]

Advent Calendar Craft


The idea behind this craft was to hang 25 little “pockets” made out of construction paper and put tiny, inexpensive gifts inside. No. It definitely didn’t work out that way. The whole pocket idea failed… we should have just used those mini envelopes like I saw on a bunch of other sites. It’s all fine, […]

{ Hand Wreath }


We went to the movies this morning to see Tangled. It was incredibly cute! Even Máyo said that it was good for a princess movie, LOL. Anyway, we came home and Lorelai played outside for a bit with her “friends” from the community. She came inside after a bit because she was cold and we […]

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