African Savannah Collage


We enjoyed making this savannah collage with the african animals we crafted recently. My 7 year-old was really into this. She helped draw the background, pond, and mountain, and did the majority of the coloring. We used a length of easel paper and then just taped the crafts onto the background. It turned out wonderfully!

Nature Collage Craft


Doing a collage is a fun way to incorporate nature into art time. We did one last year when we were in Maryland. This time, we used contact paper and pressed different leaves, flowers, and other small, flat pieces to the sticky paper. It turned out great! If you don’t have contact paper, construction paper […]

Bee & Flower Craft

Finished product. She did a great job!

I decided this morning to make another printable for today’s craft, and came up with a bumble bee and flower. I wanted to do a collage like thing like we did with the caterpillar, but Lorelai wanted to paint only. Maybe next time we will use tissue paper, glitter, and leftover beans. But for today, […]

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