Printable Minecraft Sheep Craft


Continuing on with our Minecraft theme, here is a fun one — the sheep! You can see our other Minecraft crafts (Steve & Creeper) or check out the Characters Section for other fun character crafts. Print the template below and enjoy! There’s a basic coloring guide on the side of the printable that will help […]

Printable Minecraft Craft: Creeper


As I mentioned last week in our Minecraft: Steve post, my almost eight-year-old daughter is obsessed with any and everything Minecraft. I made a bunch of pixelated templates with the different characters and animals for her to paint. The creeper was the second one she chose to make. For the creeper, I quickly mixed together […]

Printable Minecraft Craft: Steve


My seven year-old is OBSESSED with Minecraft. It is her favorite thing ever and has been for the last year. In fact, her birthday party next month is going to be Minecraft themed! I thought it was well past time to make a few Minecraft crafts (hehe) for her. The first one up is STEVE, […]

Frozen Word Search Printable


Are your children obsessed with frozen? My six-year-old daughter is! It’s her favorite movie of the moment and she’s constantly listening to the soundtrack. Which of course means my husband and I also know every lyric to every song as well. My favorite is ‘In the Summer’ (Olaf’s Track). What’s yours? We are no stranger […]

Printable Frozen Crafts


As with many families these days, we are all totally obsessed with Disney’s movie, Frozen. We bought the pre-DVD edition of the movie on my husband’s Xbox console and it has been playing on repeat. The storyline and soundtrack are both fantastic! Since we all love the movie so, it only made sense to make […]

Printable MLP Craft: Spike

spike craft

Good morning, crafters! Today I’m posting this Printable Spike craft! My Little Pony is still my six-year-old’s favorite show. She, and many of you readers, have been requesting Spike for a while… well here he is! I went back with a marker and drew in his smile and his arm. Lorelai accidentally chopped all of […]

Printable Yoda Craft

yoda craft

Yoda has been a much-requested craft here on LearnCreateLove! I finally found the time and inspiration to design him last week. Lorelai painted and made the yoda craft this past weekend and he turned out so cute! The printable itself is very simple. The body is one part, the head another, and then the light […]

Printable Batman Craft


Batman, along with the Ninja Turtles, is a favorite here. So naturally, Lore loved doing this batman craft. I designed him simply, with his hands on his hips and his cape blowing in the wind. This craft has 2 pages to print – his cape takes up almost a whole page. Print below and enjoy! […]

Princess Belle Printable Craft


Belle, the princess from Beauty in the Beast, always was one of Lorelai’s favorite princesses. I think it might have something to do with her brown hair. While Lore is almost past the princess stage, she still enjoyed making this princess. She decided to color this one instead of paint. Note: the princess doesn’t resemble […]

Printable Minion Crafts


Despicable Me is hands down my daughter’s favorite movie of the moment. She is, of course, so excited about the second movie coming out next month. I decided to design her some Minion crafts so that she could hang them in her room. She was thrilled to see these crafts sitting on the table yesterday […]

Printable Craft: Blue Tang (Dory)


The blue tang is one of over 70 species of surgeonfish that live in coastal waters and coral reefs around the world. They are beautiful, deep blue fish with yellow and black on their fins and tail. Lorelai was so excited to see the “Dory” fish printable… it was the first one she wanted to […]

Ninja Turtle Printable Crafts


My little girl and nephew are obsessed with the Ninja Turtles. Keeping that in mind, I designed these four ninja turtle crafts. One for each turtle. I did *not* include their weapons (which was the first thing my nephew asked about when he saw the printables – lol). You could easily make some with another […]

Printable Storytime Craft: Three Little Pigs


The Three Little Pigs is a classic story involving three pigs (obviously) and a sneaky wolf that’s trying to eat them. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If not, here is a Youtube video of one version of the story. Anyway, this is the first craft in a new series I’m starting called Storytime Crafts. […]

Roadrunner Printable Craft


I have really been holding onto this craft for a while… like since before Christmas! I honestly just forgot about it until I came upon the PDF file stored in a folder within a folder within a folder on my desktop. We have since packed away the craft, so I don’t have a picture of […]

Adventure Time Crafts: Finn & Jake


Lorelai and her daddy are big fans of Adventure Time. They watch it every Saturday morning along with the Ninja Turtles! She came up to me the other day and sweetly asked for AT crafts. I had to do some serious research beforehand because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode! She was thrilled […]

Printable Frosty the Snowman Craft

Frosty the Snowman

Open Frosty Printable Frosty the Snowman is such a loveable and classic Christmas figure. Watching the movie is a tradition for many families, including my own. Lorelai got to see it for the first time this year and she LOVED it. I knew that we would have to do a Frosty craft, so I went […]

Printable Mario Craft

Printable Mario Craft

Mario is a family favorite here! I can’t even blame this craft on Lorelai’s animal encyclopedia. Lorelai was happy to craft Mario since she knows he’s Daddy’s favorite. She painted and cut everything out but his mustache/nose. Print below and enjoy!! Open Mario Printable Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Printable Lorax Craft

The Lorax Printable Craft

The Lorax is one of our favorite books and movies. Such a great message and fun story. She happily painted this little guy today on our patio. It’s cool and cloudy – perfect outside crafting weather. And the best part? NO MOSQUITOES today! I’m not sure where they were hiding, but I’m not complaining! Print […]

My Little Pony Craft: Fluttershy

Printable Fluttershy Craft

The final My Little Pony craft is here! Lorelai was looking forward to this one all day. We finally got around to painting it after dinner this evening. I have a pretty wicked cold right now, so I laid down for a little bit and my husband finished it up with her. Little did I […]

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